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For technology to be a real driver of innovation and growth, businesses need to strike a balance between modernizing their existing investments while capitalizing on new innovations.


We help you build and implement efficient technology solutions that deliver real business value to you. The training, tools, processes and technologies we use are aimed at empowering your business. We have over 20+ years of experience building and integrating the latest technologies, promoting micro-service based API architectures that maximize the flexibility of data and the opportunity for re-use across multiple channels.

We have long-standing partnerships and vast experience across a range of leading digital technology platforms and Content Management Systems. For Bugaboo, we launched their new global e-commerce platform in 26 countries. For Canyon, we combined marketing and cloud technologies to create a 360-degree customer experience platform. For Foundation Medicine, we created a data analytics platform critical in the fight against cancer and used by many of the world’s top genomicists.

We’re more than just techies. Beyond the technical implementation, we can help you with migrating between platforms, provide training to your team, implement governance frameworks and drive adoption within your organization, whether that’s in a single country or across 40+ local markets. We have put in place scalable digital teams and robust testing strategies. Our QA analysts are experts in accessibility, device and functional testing, and we approach security as a fundamental component at all stages of our development lifecycle. Feel free to check out all of our Technology & Engineering services, or just skip ahead and get in touch directly with one of our experts.


Ashley Streb

Partner at Rocket Insights

Ashley Streb

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