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The healthcare industry is rapidly embracing innovation and digital solutions. Advanced technologies like efficient genome profiling, AI-supported lab research, and streamlined patient experiences are revolutionizing medicine. However, navigating the healthcare sector can be challenging due to complex products, stringent regulations (such as Software as a Medical Device, PII, and data privacy), and high levels of scrutiny.

For over 20 years, DEPT® has been a trusted partner for numerous health and life science clients, enabling them to lead the way in digital transformation.

DEPT®/HEALTH is a team of digital experts committed to advancing digital health. We work closely with renowned research institutions, innovative startups, and forward-thinking public health organizations to shape the future of healthcare.

Our expertise

We offer a digital-first partnership opportunity that is unique in the health industry, combining the marketing and tech expertise of over 4000 digital specialists worldwide.


End-to-end Capabilities

DEPT®/HEALTH covers the entire digital customer journey. Our expertise in Engineering, Experience, Creative, Growth and AI ensures integrated, end-to-end digital customer experiences.

Connected devices

DEPT® excels in designing and constructing solutions that seamlessly integrate with connected devices and firmware, working closely with partners in industrial design and hardware manufacturing.

AI & Machine Learning

We have deep expertise across both Machine Learning (ML), data science and AI, enabling us to build solutions that solve complex challenges for healthcare organizations.

ISO Certified

DEPT® is ISO 13485:2016 certified for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), a critical accreditation enabling our clients to develop solutions that are listed with the FDA and TGA, providing diagnostic and clinical guidance.

Our approach to health & life science

We have a wide range of experience and expertise in the healthcare industry, and we’ve successfully assisted numerous organizations in pioneering better care. Here’s how:

Data-driven and customer-focused: By curating and analyzing data intelligently, we develop strategies that provide actionable insights, identify risks, guide decision-making, and maximize engagement.

Technology as a service: In the healthcare industry, having the best technology is crucial. We can help you integrate innovative technologies to give you a competitive edge.

Unconventional approach: While data and technology are important, creativity is also vital. Stand out from the competition with our strategies to effectively engage your customers.

Embrace change: Stay ahead of the competition and increase your market share by adopting agile workflows that allow you to adapt quickly to changes in the industry.

Collaborative teamwork: We assign the most suitable experts to each project, ensuring you benefit from relevant expertise in every aspect of your digital transformation.

Long-term vision: The best digital experiences not only optimize the present but also prepare for the future. We prioritize building strong customer relationships that provide security and continuity.

Our clients

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve helped many of our health & life science clients build and accelerate their digital business.

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