e-commerce platform development

A successful e-commerce strategy is grounded in the 360° customer journey and will continue to be shaped by consumers.

Consumers who want to shop everywhere, at all times, device to device and channel to channel.

From desktops and smartphones to wearable tech, home assistants, and social media; with an abundance of digital touchpoints, staying at the forefront of e-commerce developments ensures your business is ready when a new sales channel arises.

Built for your customers

From UX design and online checkout to loyalty programs, order fulfillment and returns, we develop e-commerce platforms that make the complex simple. We have a broad experience in global rollouts with multiple languages, currencies, and regional regulatory compliance. When suitable, we integrate with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to expand the active market. 

The right platform

The right platform allows your e-commerce offering to flourish. We take an independent approach to platform selection, advising clients on how to find a platform that aligns to their needs. This is based on our experience with a host of providers, including  SalesforceCommercetools, EpiserverBloomreach, Spryker, Adobe, Shopify Plus, and Sitecore.

We can offer support for your existing platform but also know what to do when you’re looking for a new one.

B2B commerce

Technical, industrial, and manufacturing companies often require more unique functionality from an e-commerce platform than a B2C company. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve helped B2B companies such as Brenntag and Omron to become digital leaders. 

Whether your business has been a fixture of the industry for decades or is a new entrant, our B2B platforms provide your business with a market-leading commerce experience and comprehensive data collection, helping your sales to flourish online.

TikTok Shop integration

As an official TikTok partner, we can help connect your commerce platform with your TikTok Shop, enabling users to shop your products directly on TikTok.  

Learn more about TikTok Shop development and integration service.