Kali Healthcare

Revolutionizing pregnancy monitoring

Kali Healthcare is a pioneering start-up from the University of Melbourne on a mission to transform pregnancy monitoring.

In 2023, Kali approached DEPT® to help develop a groundbreaking wearable AI-powered platform for safe and accurate pregnancy monitoring. The Kali technology comprises a small wearable device, a smartphone application, and a web portal. It is simple to use and opens the possibility of monitoring at home during telehealth consults, empowering both clinicians and expecting parents.

A heartfelt mission

UNICEF estimates that about two million babies are stillborn every year. This high number could be prevented with better monitoring and access to obstetric care. The objective for Kali was clear – create a more accessible, convenient, and reliable pregnancy monitoring solution.

The challenge was to replace existing ultrasound technology currently used in hospitals, which relies on time-consuming in-person monitoring and is inconvenient for clinicians and pregnant women. Kali is tackling this with innovative wearable technology that offers reliable data while being comfortable and convenient for home use during pregnancy.

Transforming pregnancy monitoring

DEPT®’s approach focused on delivering a purpose-driven product for expectant mothers who require monitoring, while also streamlining the workflow for the healthcare professionals who support them. The core idea centered on developing a platform that provides accurate data and prioritizes reassurance, comfort, and convenience.

The product is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. It saves time when it comes to installation and setup. And it ensures that both expecting parents and healthcare professionals can access the information they need quickly and conveniently.

The partnership with Kali Healthcare’s co-founders—Dr. Emerson Keenan, Professor Marimuthu Palaniswami, and Associate Professor Fiona Brownfoot who spun out the technology from the University of Melbourne — led to the creation of a healthcare platform with significant potential for impact.

Pioneering solutions, seamless integration

Overcoming the limitations of traditional monitoring systems, the team prioritized a user-centric approach, ensuring simplicity of the smartphone application and web portal for all users, from healthcare administrators to expectant parents. 

The design principles of trusting & friendly, guiding and simple were defined as the North Star for the team’s decision-making process. Seamless integration with a telehealth process is incredibly important, and the team developed a streamlined workflow for connecting expecting parents with their healthcare providers for remote monitoring sessions.

DEPT®’s ISO 13485 certification was critical to Kali Healthcare’s journey to commercial readiness. Addressing regulatory requirements early in digital health development is crucial. DEPT® developed all systems and documentation in line with these requirements, so the product is perfectly poised to take the next steps to commercial launch.

Technologically, DEPT® embraced innovative requirements, harnessing IoT design and AI expertise to create a monitoring system with capabilities for real-time data analytics. Overcoming these challenges, DEPT®’s solution positions Kali Healthcare to become a leader in the industry, differentiating itself through the device’s ability to provide reliable information on maternal and fetal wellbeing in a wearable form-factor.

Kali Healthcare’s journey, supported by DEPT®, exemplifies the seamless integration of research, business expertise, and cutting-edge technology. This collaboration not only addresses a critical healthcare issue but also sets the stage for a future where remote and disadvantaged communities can receive the same level of pregnancy care as provided in metropolitan areas.

The strength of the DEPT® team was in developing a user friendly, performance optimized system, that also was compliant with ISO13485 and medical device standards. It is rare to find a partner who can deliver on all these objectives.

Emerson Keenan, CEO & Co-CTO, Kali Healthcare


SVP of Growth APAC & Head of Australia

Evan Davey

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