CX/UX platforms

Customer Experience (CX) platforms drive conversion and keep customers coming back for more. Searching for information, products, and services, assessing specifications, and reviewing delivery options: each stage is an opportunity to attract customers and keep them on track to buy from your company.

This is exactly why your customer experience platform should provide you with the power to orchestrate individual experiences across every channel.

At DEPT®, we connect technology to your customer experience strategy. We build customer experience platforms that enable your brand to deliver an engaging, best-in-class experience that matches your brand identity, brings customers closer to the checkout and retains their loyalty.

Personalized customer journey

Customers increasingly expect personalized experiences, fully tailored to their interests. Using AI, data analysis and dynamic content, our data science and development teams can craft a one-to-one experience for each customer. This personalization expands across every digital touchpoint, including live chat and direct messaging, creating an extensive bespoke experience for each visitor to the site. As more customers visit your site, your brand gains a deeper understanding of what drives their behavior. By constantly reviewing how visitors navigate the site, their common actions, and the most visited pages, we can continuously improve their experience.

There are a host of digital CX software platforms available, both on-cloud and on-premise. We take an independent approach to platform selection, advising clients on how to find a platform that aligns with their needs. This is based on our experience with a host of providers, including SalesforceEpiserverBloomreachAdobe and Sitecore

We help you to select, create and implement the CX tool stack that helps you to deliver great experiences. That is easy and frictionless at every interaction. That moves beyond inflexible legacy systems. And that is built for the future.