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Shopify Plus is an enterprise e-commerce platform designed for high-growth brands. As certified Shopify Plus partners, we at DEPT® specialize in launching and running storefronts for businesses worldwide, blending technical and marketing expertise to deliver bespoke solutions.


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Make e-commerce easy

Shopify Plus is an intuitive and reliable platform for businesses that want to reinvent their online store. As a Shopify Plus partner, we help enterprises of all sizes accelerate their speed-to-market and benefit from a personalized service to scale their business.

App store
The Shopify App Store offers a suite of plug-and-play apps created exclusively for brands on Shopify. Shopify Flow is an example of a custom solution that automates processes – such as inventory management – removing the need for repetitive manual tasks and giving you the time to focus on what matters.

Customize to drive conversion
Shopify Plus makes it easy to set up and run an online storefront. Third-party integrations are made instantly possible thanks to the wealth of ready-made Shopify apps, APIs, and SDKs designed to propel sales.

Omnichannel retail
Shopify Plus offers flexibility and convenience for both buyers and sellers. You can use various sales channels and third-party integrations such as Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Wish, and Wanelo. You can also access functionalities for B2B wholesale opportunities and even make in-person sales using the Shopify POS app.

Centralized transactions
Thanks to Shopify Payments, customers can speed through the purchase process using accelerated checkout, a digital wallet, or a local payment method. Time-consuming third-party activations are no longer necessary, and you can control payments, cash flow, and taxes in one platform.


A Shopify integration for seamless operations

Your Shopify Plus agency

Valuable experience
DEPT® is a respected Shopify Plus partner agency for local and global brands. Together, we’ve built complex single-country product sites and multi-region, multi-language stores generating millions in turnover.

End-to-end expertise 
We work with our clients to design, develop, and optimize Shopify Plus stores, ensuring they excel in digital presence and online sales. Our certified Shopify Plus development team has extensive experience in store configuration using Liquid templates and Headless React approaches. And, as a fully integrated digital agency, we support e-commerce strategy, creative campaigns, SEO, data integration, and more.

Round-the-clock support
Working with DEPT®, you’ll have access to dedicated Shopify resources who will help create, launch, and support your store. Whether it’s managing integrations or sourcing the right app for your business, a launch engineer will be on hand. Once we’ve launched your store, we’ll work with Shopify’s Merchant Success Program to learn about coming releases, implement industry best practices, and discuss relevant KPIs.

End-to-end experience

While many partners and agencies specialize in one service area, we work across the full spectrum of Shopify consulting and implementation. This includes:


Understanding the platform’s nuances, we delve deep into your brand’s identity, target audience, and unique value propositions. Through meticulous research and analysis, we uncover insights to align Shopify solutions with your business objectives.


From visually captivating storefronts to seamless user experiences, we combine creativity with functionality. Leveraging our deep understanding of Shopify’s design capabilities, we create custom solutions that perfectly reflect brand identity and turn visitors into loyal customers.


From streamlining checkout processes to enhancing mobile responsiveness, our global engineering expertise helps you accelerate development and integrate systems.


Whether it’s optimizing product pages for higher conversions or refining SEO strategies for increased visibility, we implement targeted solutions to drive measurable results and enhance the Shopify store’s speed, functionality, and overall efficiency.


With a focus on sustainable growth and scalability, we leverage our expertise in technology, marketing, and business strategy to propel e-commerce ventures to new heights with confidence and efficiency.


We help brands across the world to grow their business with Shopify technology.



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