Spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time focusing on the unique experience of your website. 

The building blocks for headless sites

Traditionally, custom websites have taken forever to build. So we created DASH to accelerate the process. 

ADA/DASH is a website accelerator that provides the building blocks for modern headless marketing and e-commerce sites. This accelerator allows us to deliver projects months faster than traditional development.

Designed to be customized, it provides you with a solid starting point to build your projects, is fully documented, and has new features added regularly.

DASH covers the entire production workflow from Figma design files to Storybook design systems, full technology implementation, and automated test and deployment scripts – All integrated end-to-end and ready to spin up within minutes.

Starting with best-of-breed tools and frameworks out-of-the-box means less time wasted on duplicative design and development tasks and more time creating a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Design, Develop,Deploy

ADA/DASH accelerates every part of the product lifecycle

ecommerce concept


Custom component & page templates
Design system (in Figma)
Infrastructure scaffolding

product design


Automated testing
CMS integration
e-commerce integration
Localisation support
ReactJS application
Search integration

growth marketing abstract


AWS integration
Infrastructure as Code templates

Benefits of DASH

Build, design, and deploy months faster than custom projects because most of the backend is already built. DASH has the entire design and development workflow built in so your team can work more efficiently.

Customisable Figma library and React components help your team avoid time-intensive tasks, such as coding. With DASH, focus on better online experiences and convert more people into loyal customers.

Avoid spinning on the next steps. DASH isn’t just a technology solution. It’s the entire design and development workflow – from Figma files to automated testing and deployment scripts for cloud platforms.

Integrated with ADA/dash

MACH®-based technologies

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Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside

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