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We are experts in helping brands maximize their investment in its suite of products.

With a team of over 700 developers across ten markets, DEPT®’s technical team is experienced, dedicated and skilled at implementing the full suite of Optimizely’s products. We work with both global enterprises and national leaders to help them develop the customer experiences their business needs and their customers want.


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From creating seamless digital experiences, to optimization, experimentation and data-led innovation, Optimizely offers brands a suite of solutions to superpower your digital business.

DEPT® has been an Optimizely partner for several years and, in that time, has achieved Platinum partner status, demonstrating our depth of knowledge, experience and expertise at implementing Optimizely solutions. We work with global enterprises on maximizing their investment in the platform, helping them to accelerate their digital business.

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Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (formerly Episerver) is an open, extensible platform providing one consistent foundation behind every digital touchpoint. It enables businesses to create compelling, targeted content at a speed and scale, with the agility to rapidly adapt to changes in the market. Whether it’s a website, app or any other digital touchpoint, Optimizely will power the best experience possible.  With built in A/B testing, targeting, and friction-free search and navigation, organizations can focus on delivering relevant, personalized experiences to help grow their business.

With the ability to be developed headless, coupled or decoupled, Optimizely enables organizations to control and edit content from across all applications in one place. Microsoft Azure offers the elastic scalability, super-high speeds and robust security that global organizations need. 


Optimizely’s B2C Commerce is a complete suite for digital commerce and content management that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences, individualized search rankings, and product recommendations.
The B2C Commerce platform enables brands to deliver meaningful experiences by combining critical digital commerce capabilities such as Product Catalogue Management, Order Management and Site Search, with modern marketing tools such as Personalization, Optimization and Experience Management Suites.

With hosting available via the highly scalable, global, agile and sustainable Microsoft Azure environment, e-commerce sites are guaranteed uptime of 99.95%, enabling brands to focus resource and investment on developing valuable customer experiences, rather than on managing development teams and maintaining servers. 

Optimizely’s B2B Commerce solution enables companies to personalize experiences with data-driven recommendations, and gives team the tools they need to drive revenue with built-in workflows. Businesses can minimize the complexity of their online commerce stack by effectively managing Catalogues, ​Check-Out, Orders and Commerce, all from one holistic view.

Optimizely’s B2B Commerce AI capabilities enable businesses to match the right visitor segments with the right digital experience to help drive more revenue. Sales goals can be met by opening new channels, addressing new markets, and providing data-driven recommendations to your current customers, all from a secure, stable and scalable platform.


Optimizely’s Intelligence Cloud offers one platform to scale experimentation and optimization, and deliver personalized experiences. It has purpose-built recommendation engines for both products and content, teamed with a leading web experimentation platform that you can deploy on any content management system or commerce platform.

Today marketers need a powerful toolset to manage data, uncover real-time insights and rapidly innovate to deliver relevant and personalized experiences that customers demand. Intelligence Cloud’s collection of products provide advanced automation, the latest in AI and machine learning, and best-in-class experimentation. Optimization-as-a-service helps brands to uncover new revenue-generating segments via machine learning, target them, scale tests, and operationalize experiments that leverage AI for individualized recommendations.
Intelligence Cloud helps brands to predict customer behaviors via machine learning capabilities, unites data from any channel into a harmonized data model, and transforms data into real-life customer profiles so brands can engage with customers, one-on-one. 

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Whatever your business challenge or digital transformation aspirations, DEPT® can help you accelerate your digital business with Optimizely.  Whether you need to migrate and consolidate all your digital touchpoints into one centralized platform, or need help developing global multi-site, multilingual solutions. You may be looking to move to a headless architecture, or want to drive innovation via AI-driven testing and optimization. Or perhaps you want to create next-level customer experiences with advanced personalization.  Whatever you want to achieve, DEPT® can make it happen.

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