Cloud engineering

We believe that your engineering teams are customers too.

Your team deserves the best tools to deliver value to your end users. The way to achieve this is by starting with a solid foundation using repeatable build pipelines, and deployment pipelines, and by maintaining your infrastructure with software development best practices.

If something is hard, you should automate it to make it easy and reduce risk. Using this philosophy, we can provide scalable, automated solutions to reduce human error and boost the speed of your business operations.

Investing in cloud engineering services with DEPT® reduces the time spent on administration and management, allowing your product team to focus their attention elsewhere.

Cloud platform expertise

DEPT® is partnered with AWSAzure, and Google Cloud, providing deep expertise with the three market-leading cloud platforms. Our DevOps teams can support your business through migration, pipeline setups, infrastructure builds and automation projects.

Managed services are also an option, providing ongoing expert management of digital infrastructure to your business. This includes international hosting support and proactive guidance, creating a system of ongoing improvement that maximizes the efficiency of your business.

Speed matters

Our focus is getting your code into production swiftly and securely. We know high-velocity deployments are a competitive advantage.

We deliver this with a solid foundation of techniques, tools, and principles:

A complex system is one that’s hard to maintain. We stick to simple solutions that balance scalability, cost, and performance.

Deployment Pipelines
We create automated pipelines and self-service workflows to empower devs to deploy code to the cloud themselves, without any unnecessary delays.

Using tools like Terraform or Pulumi, we code and create cloud infrastructure resources in just about any cloud environment.  We teach your developers to maintain their own cloud infrastructure or help you maintain it.

Performance and Security
We architect your cloud infrastructure to the appropriate levels of performance, scalability, and security.  We have production-level experience and expertise in all cloud environments (AWS, GCP, Azure) and in all container hosting models (pure VM, serverless, kubernetes). We have clients in production that have over ten thousand visitors an hour.

Ongoing Support
Once your code is up in production, you’ll need good logging and monitoring to figure out what is wrong and why. We offer ongoing support services if you don’t have a cloud engineering team of your own.

Scalable cloud solutions

Bridging the gap between development and operations, DEPT® offers guidance and strategic implementation across the three most popular cloud offerings.

This includes continuous integration and delivery pipelines, full-stack solutions and provisioning code-driven cloud infrastructure. The focus is on a scalable solution, creating an agile framework that enables your business to adapt as your market develops and disrupts.