Cloud integration to support global growth and scale

Therabody’s products were a viral sensation. But with their old infrastructure, they could not meet the growing demand for their products. 

DEPT® worked with Therabody to strategize and integrate various cloud solutions to support rapid growth, scalability, and global rollouts. 

Digital transformation

Therabody’s digital transformation was driven by the immense growth it was experiencing across new products and geographies. Their old solution was not documented, and their internal team was plagued with turnover and a lack of intimate system knowledge. Therefore, they struggled to maintain their current infrastructure and build new functionality.

Originally on NetSuite, they quickly ran into platform volume limitations that restricted the number of transactions that could be processed each day. That resulted in: 

  • Increased software costs 
  • Limitations to revenue 
  • Issues in meeting demand with B2B customers 
  • Limited ability to launch new products 

Therabody engaged DEPT® to lead the selection and implementation of Mulesoft, Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B, and an order management system (OMS). 

Multiple Salesforce clouds working together 

The project started with consulting on best architectural and product management practices and helping Therabody establish program management practices for the newly established technology department. Then, we enhanced their existing clouds and launched three new clouds. 

Mulesoft was selected to replace their existing Celigo integrations, which became the most impactful decision to Therabody’s success. Noteworthy integrations include: 

  • Globally-scaled fulfillment logistics integration with five warehouses 
  • An enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration that revolutionized the way they looked at financials 
  • Integration with their point of sales systems for physical stores and events
  • Integration with a custom data lake system that helped them with business intelligence and financials 

Overall, Mulesoft added scalable and sustainable integrations across a large set of platforms which helped day-to-day operations and long-term planning. 

B2B Commerce
We helped create a new B2B Commerce storefront to help the business with the replacement of NetSuite & NuOrder. This allowed them to grow their B2B customers while simplifying, improving, and optimizing customer onboarding. We also helped them scale their B2B account and pricing management, enabling them to sustainably add new accounts and manage the pricing for their clients. 

SF Core
Salesforce Core was chosen to provide operational support for sales and service cloud. We also consulted on best practices and implementation of customer data and customer service practices. In addition, we enhanced SF Core which allowed pricing to flow automatically to SFCC instead of manually.

Order Management
Ultimately, we wanted Therabody to be able to manage orders easily and reliably. Therefore, we implemented the OMS with operational flows based on different sales channels, including D2C, B2B, and B2B2C. For example, an Amazon order could be handled differently than a D2C order. And partners like Dick’s Sporting Goods could have orders shipped directly to customers. We also set up for future enablement of BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) with Best Buy. 

All this flexibility helped Therabody with holiday sales volumes, daily operational issues, and investor growth requirements. 

Operational Support
Finally, we provided scalable NetSuite technical and functional consulting services to help support day-to-day operations disrupted by a lack of in-house staff. 

Therabody lifestyle

A new Therabody e-commerce experience

These new cloud technologies allowed Thearbody to improve sales and scalability. Noteworthy successes looked like: 

  • Reliable inventory management 
  • Expanding sales into The EU, Asia, and Australian markets
  • Launching new physical products and upgrading versions of existing products
  • Launching new digital products and enabling future app scalability
  • Enhancing the OMS to be ready for BOPIS at Best Buy
  • Onboarding hundreds of new B2B customers every year 


VP of Customer Success

Gina Calzaretta

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