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Google Cloud Platform


Analysing business data and better understanding how the business works, is essential for companies today. Innovation and growth are data-driven. To store, compute and analyse your business data, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers companies a secure and proven infrastructure. As a certified GCP partner, Dept deploys machine learning models and data pipelines for customers to create business value from data.

Connecting development to marketing, GCP can seamlessly stream and analyse data from the Google Marketing Platform. This allows for finding valuable marketing insights that can be directly applied to grow your business. From recognising the customer patterns that lead to sales to predicting a visitor’s behaviour real-time and immediately responding with a tailored marketing action. For developers, GCP provides a suit to build, deploy and scale applications, websites and services.

With GCP also comes a full range of out-of-the-box products and API’s. For example, using the Speech-to-Text API, customer service centres can process thousands of service calls daily to analyse the dialog. These insights can then be applied in building an AI-powered chat service with Dialogflow. With continuous improvement, this chatbot can substitute a growing number of service calls.

Data-driven innovation

At Dept we unite technology, creativity and data. As a certified Google Cloud Platform partner, we enable our clients to use their data to innovate, accelerate and create new business value. From customer segmentation to predictive analytics, we can ensure all your business decisions are data-driven. In our integral marketing approach, we’ve built our own solutions to combine realtime user data with relevant channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Salesforce. For example, we can predict the conversion intent of a visitor real-time on your website, and immediately use that insight to power your Facebook campaign.

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