DEPT®/GAMES is a team of experts in game strategy, design, development, and marketing. We help conceive, build, and market future-ready games that audiences love. We’re proud to craft unforgettable stories.

Pioneering the future of engagement 

Games aren’t just games. They’re the new social media, runways, stadiums, storefronts and classrooms. Already, concerts and sports regularly surpass 10 million views on gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox, more than they do in real life. We foresee a future in which interlinked gaming platforms will deeply engage audiences, connecting people in new ways.

With experience stretching back to 2009 across AR, AI, VR, and game platforms, we have a uniquely deep heritage in this space. The DEPT®/GAMES team has shipped over 250 AAA Games, and worked at most major game studios. This, combined with the expertise of over 4,000 digital specialists worldwide in marketing and technology, makes us uniquely placed to support your gaming business.

Our expertise

Building games, building worlds, and building love for the biggest players in the industry.


Impactful storytelling

The strategists, designers and developers that make up DEPT®/GAMES work together to craft and tell powerful stories in the most impactful way we can. Our goal is to build meaningful and memorable connections around your brand, with business goals front of mind.

Brilliant product development

We have an unrivaled breadth of experience, across different game companies and platforms. This gives DEPT® the ability to create products built from your brand’s DNA using the latest technologies, in the spaces your audiences spend their time.

Strategies grounded in culture

Games are the present and future of digital, and our team stays on top of the cultural trends surrounding it. Our knowledge keeps you connected to new and existing audiences, whether your customers are gamers, or games are shaping the culture around them.

Driving growth through engagement

We help your business drive growth by saying no to buying in-game ads, and yes to reaching your audience across platforms and creating new revenue streams.

Our approach to gaming

The most successful games blend technical innovation with storytelling.

Our cross-category, platform-agnostic expertise means we can offer our clients both, helping them succeed in games that are simultaneously technically advanced, creatively effective, and culturally relevant. Here’s how:

We draw on global know-how. At DEPT®, we pair the culture and creativity of a boutique agency with the resources and range of a global one. Our global network covers a range of skills and technologies to create the right team for your brief.

We use our creative chops. We’re trusted for creative marketing by industry giants like Roblox, Twitch and Snap. And we channel this knowledge of game culture and creativity into our game work.

We partner for the long haul. We understand how to make games that stay sticky and relevant. This lets us put your long-term strategy front and center of all our thinking.

Our clients

We work for some of the world’s best game companies, from understanding audiences and how best to reach them, to coding and creating games with a consideration for ethics and in-game economics.

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