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Ultimate code first-CMS for developers

Years of experience
Specialised developers

In a sea of content management systems, there are some who stand out from the crowd. Episerver is one of those, mainly due to the fact that it specifically targets developers and makes working life easier for them. It’s a .net built platform that can be extremely well configured down to the smallest details and a PaaS solution that makes Dept, as an Episerver partner very happy.

Code & go: Episerver makes developers work more enjoyable

More and more CMSs are looking for alternatives to alleviate the suffering associated with upgrading. Episerver has been one of the few to move away from major and minor versioning, eliminating the need for heavy upgrades. The upgrades are, instead, continuous and do not slow down the work process or ease of use.

Episerver works as a PaaS solution, managing the entire acceptance and production environment. You can put elements in it yourself – the specific solution that we make for customers is then rolled out.

Episerver also offers the following functionalities:

  • Integration possibilities: Episerver is committed to integrations with other solutions such as PIM solutions, media banks, third party products, SSFC connectors, HubSpot, Marketo, etc.
  • Commerce solutions and personalisation: Episerver also offers a commerce solution, a catalogue and a complete checkout. Personalisation is possible via your own AI suite, but also via external personalisation solutions.
  • API possibilities: In addition to a complete website application, Episerver also has good API capabilities to be able to access the content. Other functionalities are Content as a Service and headless API.
  • Aimed at developers: The fact that Episerver organises the entire hosting relieves developers and management. By offering a total package, it makes life easier for developers.
  • Versioning: By constantly rolling out upgrades, this process runs much more smoothly for developers.

Episerver Client Cases

Dept supports various companies with the successful application of Episerver. Check out some of our clients’ platforms to see how Episerver ensures optimal digital experiences in the experience age:

The Dept Way

At Dept, we combine creativity and data with technological solutions, such as Episerver, to help organisations grow and accelerate. Below are five reasons why Dept is the ideal partner to get the most out of Episerver:

  • Dept is an Episerver partner in Europe: Our developers are optimally equipped to create great digital experiences using Episerver.
  • We’re experienced and successful: We’ve been working successfully with a wide range of technology leaders for years. With our experience in many areas, we help a wide range of customers embrace digital.
  • Full approach: Digital growth does not stop with the successful deployment of Episerver. As a fully integrated digital agency, we also support SEO, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help your organisation grow and develop.
  • Widely deployable: Our teams have broad experience with both the technical aspects of a CMS and with setting up the organizational processes to use Episerver successfully. In addition to projects, we can also temporarily strengthen an existing team with our specialists.
  • Specialists in our field: We don’t keep our years of expertise in designing experience, expandable architecture and integration of technology to ourselves. We share our knowledge as an Episerver expert in blogs which tackle practical challenges.

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