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The e-commerce market is in an advanced phase. Shop operators are competing on the basis of innovative features, data-driven marketing and, above all, speed. Agility is now more important than sales volume. Spryker is a dynamic eCommerce framework which is especially suitable for individual shop solutions regardless of technical demands and growing complexity.

Nowadays it’s very difficult to implement individual and technically demanding e-commerce business models using standard systems. Efficiency and productivity are thwarted, especially by post-launch costs caused by monolithic system architectures. That’s where Spryker comes in as a modular e-commerce framework.

Spryker’s state machines offer a powerful instrument for designing, planning and implementing the kind of business process that can be found in every area of shops (such as order/payment processes, returns handling and so on). Processes are modelled in XML and shown graphically in a clear way. The necessary implementations are immediately visible and can easily be fed directly into development. State machines offer a constant and binding blueprint of cross-system process logic, and on the shop side they provide a direct means of translating business processes into software design.

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