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Google Marketing Platform


The Google Marketing Platform (GMP) unifies Google’s media and analytics services into a full-stack technology suite. GMP offers easy-to-use tools and advanced solutions for small businesses and large enterprises. As a certified Google partner working worldwide, Dept ensures you get the maximal result from your marketing.

Through GMP companies can plan, buy, measure and optimise digital media and customer experiences. Rebranded in 2018, GMP consolidates former DoubleClick and Google products into three main pillars:

  • Reach: Using Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360, you can fully reach today’s always-connected audiences. Across multiple engines and media channels, you can run smart campaigns that respond real-time to user data.
  • Analyse: Understanding your customers and improving their experiences is essential for growth. Measure online traffic with Analytics 360, visualise all your business data with Data Studio and test site variations through Optimize 360.
  • Track: Without editing any code you can manage all your tags through Tag Manager. With Surveys 360 you get fast opinions and feedback from real people.

Working together under one integrated platform, Google’s products provide all the resources to make your marketing smarter and results better.

Grow and accelerate

Dept is a certified Google partner with offices all through Europe. We realise the importance of digital marketing. We offer good purchasing conditions, work transparent and focus on your business success. We develop internal tooling to get the most out of GMP, and we understand our customers also use other platforms that require an integrated approach.

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