Display & Video 360 (DV360)

Unify your campaign planning, management, measurement and creative process for your branding – all under one roof.

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Display & Video 360 is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that provides access to premium inventory across the web. It allows agencies and advertisers to buy video, display and audio campaigns, bringing efficiency and actionable insights to your marketing operations.

Key features of Display & Video 360

  • Exclusive access to premium inventory: Display & Video 360 not only offers acces to the Google Display Network inventory, the tool also supports deals and over 80 non-Google exchanges, ensuring a wide reach of high-quality inventory.
  • Comprehensive toolset: This platform unifies planning, creative development, campaign execution, and measurement. The integrated approach enables you to streamline your operations, improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Advanced audience targeting: Display & Video 360 allows you to define and reach your ideal customers. With first, second and third-party data, you can deliver personalized experiences to your audience, driving better engagement and results.
  • Detailed analytics: The platform provides in-depth analytics on campaign performance. These insights allow you to understand how your campaigns are resonating with audiences, enabling you to refine and improve your strategy over time.”

Elevate your advertising strategy

DV360 enables you to harness the power of advanced audience insights, precise targeting options, and high-impact creative formats to captivate your audience.

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