Google Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager 360 is a tag management system which allows you to manage your marketing and analytics pixels in a scalable, reliable way.

Accelerate your digital business with Google Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager 360 is the advanced version of Google Tag Manager. Most of the functionalities of Google Tag Manager 360 are the same as in the regular version, but there are a few major benefits. If you buy Google Analytics 360, you get Google Tag Manager for free.

First of all, you get access to unlimited workspaces. The regular version of Google Tag Manager limits this to a maximum of three workspaces. Next to that, you get access to approval workflows. This function provides control over what changes are being made and pushed live in your organisation. The Approval Queue enables the administrators to decide what goes live and what not, and give feedback on approval requests.

The last major exclusive feature of Google Tag Manager 360 is the usage of zones for large-scale implementations and controlled access to tagging. A zone makes it possible to link additional Tag Manager containers when your main container loads. This means that the linked containers are allowed to fire tags on your website. Linked containers may be associated with any Tag Manager account, 3rd parties included.

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