A one-way trip toward digital maturity

Sunweb offers package summer holidays and winter sports deals. With ambitious goals and a fresh perspective, DEPT® helped the team prioritize efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability to accelerate digital growth. 

Seven markets

With a relatively small team, Sunweb was responsible for campaigns in seven markets and more than six brands. Despite this challenge, Sunweb was focused on digital growth to work more efficiently and effectively in its marketing operations.

Analyzing digital maturity

To improve Sunweb’s digital marketing, it was necessary to assess Sunweb’s current digital skills.

We applied the BCG Digital Maturity analysis – offered by our partner Google to measure Sunweb’s digital maturity. Based on the results, multiple objectives were set to accelerate growth in the digital domain.

Discovery phase

To fully understand the needs and ambitions of Sunweb, we began with a discovery week. 

During this period, we delved into the business and marketing objectives, technical setup, workflows, and challenges for each channel. This approach provided us with a clear picture of the situation and fostered mutual understanding and goals between both teams, enabling smoother processes. At the end of the discovery week, a roadmap was presented to realize the growth ambitions and plans.

Efficiently and effectively

The account structures within the advertising platforms were simplified mainly to make the setups more efficient. Where possible, templates were created for social, display, and search. A significant step in this process was the migration from bGenius to Search Ads 360.

The entire ad structure was rebuilt, resulting in a substantial reduction in the number of active campaigns – and, consequently, the hours spent on campaign management.

To facilitate scaling, repetitive processes were automated as much as possible. On the one hand, this involved campaign management, where tools like Smartly and Google Marketing Platform were leveraged to apply goal-based bidding. On the other hand, the creative aspect was accelerated through dynamic retargeting and asset creation. Additionally, a process was established to prepare and evaluate campaigns more effectively. This provided clearer input for all teams, and with concrete KPIs, we could better measure performance.

Support and advice

After restructuring the technical setup and tools, training sessions were organized to help the in-house team familiarize themselves with the new setup. 

Thanks to significant time savings, there was room to test new capabilities. A shared roadmap with upcoming projects has been established to conduct A/B tests and explore options within the platforms. In addition to digital media, the next initiatives are planned around SEO, affiliate marketing, creative services, and data.


With effective collaboration, a smarter setup, and ongoing collaboration, we have accelerated Sunweb’s digital maturity. These solutions have resulted in time-saving measures, increased efficiency, and scalable opportunities for future developments. Now that a solid base has been created, we’re working on large-scale projects to advance Sunweb’s digital growth further.


European Search Awards winner – Travel/Leisure (PPC) 2023

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