Revolutionizing peer-to-peer storage through bilingual 3D website experience

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that makes the web more secure and efficient. Because their internet protocol is deeply technical and complex they needed help to effectively communicate it to diverse audiences.

We updated their brand and website to make sure their vision and value proposition are equally perceived by industry experts, developers, and the general public.

Enchanting and tailoring branding

Filecoin initially had a brand vision but needed help in enhancing and expanding it. Our team took on the challenge of transforming their vision into a modern, cutting-edge brand. It had to reflect Filecoin’s revolutionary spirit while maintaining their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy expert in the field.

We started by understanding their core values, mission, and desired brand image. After a series of collective consultations, we developed a brand that both reflects Filecoin’s technical expertise and conveys a sense of innovation and reliability.

A multifunctional revamped website 

The main part of the new brand was the Filecoin website. It needed to provide clear and concise information about the Filecoin protocol and inspire people to get involved in the brand’s ecosystem. It also had to be easy to use and navigate and be available in multiple languages.

We redesigned the Filecoin website from the ground up, with a focus on user experience and storytelling. Together with a detailed explanation of how the Filecoin protocol works, the new website now provides:

  • A developer portal with documentation, tools, and tutorials
  • A blog with news and updates about the Filecoin ecosystem
  • A section for the press with press releases and media coverage

Bridging language barriers with localized 3D experience

The complexity of Filecoin’s operations and business model made it difficult to appeal to a wide range of audiences. That’s why we decided on creating a high-impact, attention grabbing homepage. A visually captivating 3D experience took users on a global journey, showcasing Filecoin’s workings, benefits, and vision for the future.

After recognizing Filecoin’s strong presence in both the US and China, we made a site bilingual and took it a step further by customizing the 3D experience. Depending on the language setting, users embark on a journey through either a recognizable American or Chinese city, highlighting the importance of the global audiences to the brand.

Exceeding goals

The revamped brand and website were well-received by both users and the media, praised for informative content, engaging design, and localization efforts. 

The new Filecoin website helped the company:

  • Significantly increase traffic and engagement since its launch
  • Increase awareness of the Filecoin protocol and its potential benefits
  • Attract new users and developers to the Filecoin ecosystem
  • Position Filecoin as a leader in the decentralized storage space

Overall, the new Filecoin website is a successful example of how to design and build a website that is both informative and inspiring. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Filecoin and its potential to revolutionize the way we store and share data.

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