Elevating a luxury e-bike website 

Cowboy e-bikes are the future of riding: electric, with intuitive technology that allows riders to spend less time navigating and more time enjoying the moment. 

To update its digital experience but still reflect the brand’s previous version, Cowboy partnered with BASIC/DEPT®. The new website showcases the e-bikes as works of art–designed for freedom of movement.

A dare to break free

During the initial stage of our strategy, we found that Cowboy’s competitors focused only on the specs and tech of their bikes. To differentiate Cowboy’s luxury bikes, we focused on breaking free. 

Our goal was to create an irrational desire around the e-bike lifestyle and demonstrate that the Cowboy e-bike is the freedom machine you have been dreaming of. 

Continuous user journey

We used animation and motion throughout the site to reflect the intuitive connection between the rider and the e-bike. These interactions helped immerse visitors in the atmosphere of riding a Cowboy– whether on desktop or mobile. 

Attention to the smallest details

To emphasize the craftsmanship of Cowboy, we enlisted First Things Studio, one of the best digital design and animation studios, to create 3D models. The result was incredibly detailed product renders that showcased the premium aesthetics of the e-bike, right down to the handlebar texture.

Then, we developed interactive and editorial moments on the site to give visitors a deeper look at Cowboy e-bikes, allowing them to see the beauty of the models on a macro and micro level.

E-bike customization and companion app

To simplify the e-bike configuration and customization options, we combined them into a single flow. This allowed customers to make their e-bikes exactly how they envisioned them in one seamless step.

We also created a companion app that became more than just a navigator for Cowboy riders. It became an intuitive connection between the rider and their e-bike.

Leveraging Shopify

In a category where conversion depends on touching, feeling, and experiencing the product, we managed to tell the brand’s unique story while inspiring the customer to purchase.

3D product rendering, motion, interaction, system design, GSAP animation library, and custom CSS animations all brought Cowboy to life, even through the smallest screens.

Together with the Cowboy team, we custom-built on Shopify’s platform, ideal for its flexibility and simplicity. Front-end development included custom CSS, Javascript, and content management fields. This technology allows Cowboy to showcase its products and features in a way that meets its users halfway.   


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