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Illuminating Louis Poulsen: A radiant digital transformation

Established in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer renowned for its iconic, high-quality designs. DEPT® has been collaborating with Louis Poulsen since the beginning of 2022.

Crafting the digital vision

Louis Poulsen approached DEPT® with a clear objective: To update their website in sync with their minimalistic Scandinavian design ethos. Our plan was not just to redesign; we wanted to refresh the digital landscape and craft a forward-looking, naturally progressive evolution that integrates with Louis Poulsen’s brand identity.

Our strategy focused on realigning the user experience, emphasizing a modernized design that fits and elevates Louis Poulsen’s brand guidelines. The goal was to deliver a premium online shopping experience, spotlighting Louis Poulsen’s content, refining user flows, and introducing navigation options for an enhanced and evolved digital presence.

Louis Poulsen UXUI

Executing the evolution

From the refined elegance of their branded e-commerce site to the intuitive navigation and visual storytelling, each step was taken in close collaboration to craft an online experience that mirrors the timeless sophistication of the brand’s design heritage.

A branded e-commerce site reflecting the design heritage: In creating the branded e-commerce site for Louis Poulsen, our team dedicated meticulous attention to design, aiming to enhance the customer’s experience and elevate the brand’s overall perception. The intention was to craft a digital space that not only accommodates transactions but becomes an embodiment of Louis Poulsen’s design heritage. We curated a minimalist digital environment by capturing the clean lines and timeless elegance synonymous with Louis Poulsen.

Seamless customer journeys: Intuitive navigation took precedence in our strategy, focusing on creating a seamless customer journey. Every aspect of the website was carefully designed to ensure users could navigate the product offerings effortlessly, enhancing their overall experience. We go beyond by offering product guidance, guiding users through the website, facilitating shopping by room, providing visual inspiration, and allowing users to preview products in different settings.

Design narratives to guide users through the universe: Our strategy transcends individual product pages, saturating the entire website with immersive storytelling. From captivating close-up images to narratives behind iconic products, we redefine the focal points across the Louis Poulsen online experience. 

Every section unfolds a unique story — from Louis Poulsen’s profound design heritage of our iconic products to the living universe that animates each creation. As users explore, whether landing on an article in the Reflections section or navigating product pages, we guide them through the Louis Poulsen universe. 

Visual extension of the brand: The website’s transformation into a visual extension of the Louis Poulsen brand was a deliberate and thoughtful process. Through a minimalistic design language, we created a website that would let the products shine, with the flexibility to cater to special promotions and releases. 

The design became a natural next step while still nodding to the brand’s history. Ensuring that every element on the website contributed to a cohesive and visually appealing representation of the future of Louis Poulsen.

Close collaboration: Our collaboration extended beyond the digital space. We worked closely with Louis Poulsen, engaging in a collaborative process to understand their business goals and address pain points. This collaborative effort ensured that the final product met and exceeded Louis Poulsen’s and their users’ expectations.

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The project aimed to improve user engagement, conversions, and overall satisfaction. The result is a user-friendly digital platform that meets functional requirements and seamlessly integrates the brand’s values, heritage, and commitment to quality. It’s a testament to our commitment to elevating the online interaction with this iconic brand.

Louis Poulsen UXUI mobile experience


Strategy Director

Rasmus Keller Jansen

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