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Digital proximity to the offline target group

Nivea has stood for skin care for the whole family for over 100 years and enjoys the trust of customers worldwide. Since 2016, DEPT® has been supporting Beiersdorf in its digital transformation and developing the brand online.

Security 2.0

Nivea’s customers associate the brand with a feeling: The scent of Nivea cream reminds you of home and of beautiful moments full of security and family cohesion. The focus of DEPT®’s work is to convey this feeling even during the digital user journey – using appropriate content and products as well as through an emotional, personal and target group-oriented approach.

Nivea – the ‘digital genius’ in the German FMCG sector

The ranking for the digital performance of FMCG brands published in March 2018 by one of the leading digital ranking companies, L2, has named Nivea Germany’s market leader and the only ‘digital genius’ in the industry. In the study, this puts Beiersdorf and Nivea at the top of the rankings with a digital IQ of 157 – an improvement of three places compared with the previous year.

As part of the annual Digital Study, L2 awards points in the areas of ‘Website and E-Commerce’, ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Social Media’ and ‘Mobile’, which are classified in five levels. Nivea was able to achieve the highest score in the resulting ranking and was also the only brand to be awarded the best possible rating of ‘Genius’. For L2, ‘digital geniuses’ are brands that reach their consumers through a variety of end devices and channels.

Closer to the customer email

The operational focus of the collaboration is on the management and further development of the content of This includes digital campaign development (creation/design), data-driven email marketing, the management and further development of the loyalty programme ‘NIVEA FÜR MICH’ [NIVEA FOR ME] and the business analysis. With an individual approach and creative concepts, we establish digital proximity to Nivea customers day after day.

A consistent brand experience

We are constantly developing the digital presence of this skin care expert, together with Beiersdorf. We establish customer needs and identify the potentials of the Nivea product range, which we then profitably integrate into our digital marketing measures. This creates a harmonic user experience.


Director Web3 & Partner

Jan Gutkuhn

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