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Data Driven

Removing assumptions from the equation

For many the go-live of a site or campaign marks the end of a project. For us it’s the beginning. From that point on users start interacting with it. We make sure to capture all behavior, translate that to possible improvements increasing conversion month over month. But we also combine it with all other data sources a client has: Recognise patterns and predict behavior, personalisation with respect to privacy.
Automated campaign funnels, battling the death of the cookie, data driven concept development, content assets at scale. Data is the discipline at the forefront of technical innovation and new creative possibilities.

In Data we trust.
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Five reasons to join DEPT®

01 Flexibility

We give you flexiblity to work remotely. From home, in the office, or temporarily abroad – there are plenty of opportunities;

02 Fully Digital

By combining creativity, data, and technology, we create groundbreaking work with international teams and have the challenges for the taking.

03 Freedom and impact

You have the freedom to design your own career path, start new initiatives, take responsibility and make an impact with the work you’re creating.

04 Infinite growth

Development is crucial. That’s why we offer workshops, online learning platforms, external trainings, and you can learn from and work with people with the best expertise.

05 Culture

DEPT® exists of friendly, equal, and a supportive group of people. We work, grow, discover, learn, re(create), and celebrate together.

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