Putting marketing in the spotlight

We never stop learning. With this in mind, GoodHabitz offers numerous online training courses for professionals. A strong and user-friendly website is a must to provide them with the best experience and the right information.

GoodHabitz turned to DEPT® to deliver a fresh website to provide an optimal experience for its students. After an intensive and successful collaboration, the GoodHabitz website is now more colorful, user-friendly and more marketing-minded than ever.

Customised learning

Every organisation deals differently with the personal development of its employees, but offering training is always a golden formula.

 GoodHabitz Specialises in online training for the B2B market via a subscription model; employees decide what, when and how they learn, all for a competitive, fixed price. GoodHabitz works with organisations to develop customised programs ranging from inspiring leadership to productivity, personal strength to digital skills. The individual employee then decides what, when and how to learn, so the knowledge gained is perfectly balanced and timed with the professional needs of staff. GoodHabitz courses stand out as being as engaging and easy-to-follow as your favorite TV shows.

Optimised for lead generation

Providing digital services means that everything in the digital realm has to work optimally – that goes without saying. Prior to its partnership with DEPT®, GoodHabitz’s former website consisted of both the learning and marketing platforms and was developed in-house. The organisation realised that its marketing reach and online visibility could be further improved to support its global growth. DEPT® stepped in to increase digital lead generation, choosing to separate the learning and marketing platforms.

By doing so, DEPT® can help increase the sales, visibility and reach of GoodHabitz among HR professionals.

The perfect balance

DEPT® began this project by researching GoodHabitz’s potential clients, namely hr professionals and learning & development experts. We then presented the opportunities from our research and expertise to GoodHabitz in a workshop to learn which choices they want to make as an organisation in the short and long term.

This initial research and discovery shaped the conceptual phase of the project. Despite wanting to separate the marketing and learning platforms, GoodHabitz was satisfied with the existing branding and style of the website.

DEPT®’s design team didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, but looked how to apply existing style, fonts and colours to a more user-friendly design.

The challenge for DEPT®’s designers was to find the balance between GoodHabitz’s playful, colorful style and its clear focus on the business market. Our quest was to balance the choice between professional versus playful, soft shapes versus clean lines, and bright use of color versus a white, clean look. GoodHabitz and DEPT® reached a middle ground; a more business-like design was created, in which the existing colours are balanced. The colours now also have a clearer purpose, with each color representing a category within the GoodHabitz range. This way the website appears structured and clear.

Once concepts were defined and applied, DEPT® looked to improving online visibility, reach and sales. The new website is completely SEO-first, based on extensive keyword search data. Measurability of the entire B2B journey was also a main focus: from first interaction to orientation, demo requests to quotation, finally leading to a signed contract. Funnel and channel dashboards were implemented to monitor performance campaigns and conversion.

DEPT® used Salesforce Pardot to set up email flows to reactivate dormant prospects in the database. The goal was to reach potential clients through marketing and sales-focused emails, linked in campaigns and landing pages. Finally, DEPT® set up an overarching data architecture, integration and tooling advice, taking into account GoodHabitz’s ambition to be able to personalise via machine learning and algorithms on both the marketing and learning platforms.

The final product

DEPT®’s revamping of the GoodHabitz site covered every part of the delivery process, from Design and UX, to front and backend development, hosting, data, digital marketing and testing.

The new GoodHabitz site retains the playful, colourful character of the old site, is available in seven languages ​​to match their international growth, and has a much clearer focus on HR professionals. The presentation of the ‘why’ and  ‘how’ of the GoodHabitz methodology, combined with bold design and increased visibility, makes GoodHabitz a winning choice.

What the future holds 

Despite the challenges presented by the current climate, GoodHabitz and DEPT® worked collaboratively and virtually. The success achieved from this partnership was attributed to excellent communication that crossed multiple national borders and time zones. Teams spread across Brazil, Portugal and Macedonia were able to come together and produce a beautifully designed, solidly built website, incorporating data processing for digital marketing. GoodHabitz and DEPT® look to the future of this partnership to expand on features including the addition of a chatbot. We look forward to it!


Principal Digital Consultant, Design & Technology

Katy White

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