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Journey management: Leveling up customer journeys to kickstart CX transformation

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that no one wants a bad customer experience. A dozen phone calls with your energy provider because they still haven’t activated your subscription, that chatbot that seems to speak in circles instead of answering your question, or losing yourself in days of deep investigation to discover why your ordered sneakers still haven’t been delivered… These are all examples of bad customer experiences that make users unhappy and, in many cases, switch brands.

To deliver an exceptional customer experience, you need a better approach to understanding your customers, placing them in the centre of your operation, and breaking down silos –
so your teams work together to create experiences for customers. Only then will you be able to stay ahead of your customer’s wants and needs. With journey management, we want to fulfil this promise.

Download our longread on Journey Management: the structural process of tracking, organising, and designing every interaction between your customers and your organisation to improve end-to-end customer experience. Explore the practice and how your business should approach it, as well as the challenges, opportunities and results it can bring you.