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Warner Leisure Hotels

Technical solutions to improve the user journey


Warner Leisure Hotels specialises in UK short activity breaks just for grown-ups. The company chose Dept to develop a suitable solution for modernising its existing site. To discover how users were finding, browsing and using the site, a full UX review of its current website was conducted, including user research and the interrogation of analytics data.

Technical solutions, enhanced design and a better user journey

The key objective of this project was to develop a mobile-first site, with an improved and simplified user journey. Warner Leisure wanted to group information to make it easier to find, and have the ability to showcase deals and offers more easily. The content management solution needed to make it easy and efficient to update content, and the content itself needed to appeal to a wide range of clientele, searching for information on any device.


Suitable booking solutions, that makes packing your suitcase your only concern

Dept developed technical solutions that resulted in a mobile responsive site, with a slick design and improved user journey. The responsive website includes automatic image resizing to optimise page performance on mobile. The site has been designed to improve SEO and incorporates a smart user journey to encourage people to stay on the site longer. Also, the use of structured metadata provides better integration with Google search results. The solution Dept implemented is already driving strong results, with the new website seeing an 8% increase in new site conversions, including a 15% in tablet and 35% increase in mobile conversion rates.

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