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The essence of up-to-date core content in a niche market

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Ampleon, founded in 2015, symbolises Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The organisation is focused on utilising the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. The innovative but consistent portfolio of Ampleon offers products and solutions for a wide range of applications; think cellular base stations, radio and TV stations, or air traffic control equipment. Given the niche market in which Ampleon is located, delivering up-to-date content is an essential process. Dept had the honor to become technical CMS implementation partner of Ampleon.

Managing and implementing core content

At Ampleon, there are 1250 employees worldwide who are dedicated to creating optimum value for customers. The technologically advanced products that Ampleon offers fall within a market that consists mainly of online visitors – technicians – who are looking for product specifications. The core content therefore consists of product information and must be accurate and easy to reach. The stated goal for Ampleon was to deliver up-to-date online content to inform potential and existing customers and convince them of the value of their work. To achieve the stated goal, the company needed a CMS partner that not only responds quickly to questions and changes, but can also implement CMS extensions flawlessly and is able to provide advice and to create state-of-the-art functionalities. And also: the hosting of the CMS must guarantee an up-time of 99.5%.

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Magnolia implementation and it’s continuous development

We realised this by running the current website on Magnolia CMS. Together with Ampleon we have developed a plan to take over application lifecycle management (ALM) and hosting. After the initial launch, we’ve been continuously developing the platform; through the implementation of marketing automation and email handling software, through optimisation of contact forms and through the development of a premium content download component.


Thanks to the smart solutions that we have built within Magnolia CMS, processes are efficiently automated. This has led to savings in time and cost. It also ensures that both the communication and the sales team can focus more on the core tasks.

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