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Element Materials Technology

Synchronizing a B2B global business


Element Materials Technology is the recognized leader in Materials Testing and Product Qualification Testing to the aerospace, oil, gas and transportation sectors. Dept was appointed to support the re-branding of the company, which included synchronizing all of its services and centralizing the business under one umbrella brand. Prior to the project, Element was decentralized and multiple acquisitions had led to a lack of global consistency across its brand equity.

A fresh and modern approach

Element wanted to take a fresh and modern approach to its digital touch points, and needed to stabilize its website. The nature of Element’s service offering requires a lot of content, which needed a rationalized and streamlined information architecture that focused on being service led. This included the need to make better use of the expert knowledge within the company to help position it as a thought leader in its field.


Translation of new branding elements into digital

Dept facilitated the initial stakeholder workshops, digital roadmap, requirements gathering, information architecture rationalization, wireframing and back-end development on Sitecore. We worked with Element’s brand agency and translated the new branding elements into digital. We implemented the solution as a phased, MVP delivery.

Dept held daily calls with Element’s US office, where we would talk through every site component and ensure that the content hierarchy was correct. We liaised with Element’s stakeholders, such as its call centre representatives, in regular group calls in what was a very collaborative approach.

By developing a component-based design with annotated, responsive wireframes, we were able to get executive buy-in ahead of the design and build; this helped us to meet the tight deadline for the website launch.


Dept delivered a fully responsive site in-line with Element’s new branding. The new site was built on Sitecore, as part of a new implementation. Dept provided full CMS training to Element’s digital team. And by centrally managing all of its content, Element now benefits from having robust digital governance processes in place, which will pay dividends following the integration of its five auxiliary sites in the future. Also, the streamlined information architecture means that service information is now much easier to find, which has led to user experience improvements.

This project was the starting point for Element’s digital journey. The next phase of the roadmap includes integrating its five auxiliary websites, and integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Sitecore. The organization is keen to implement progressive profiling, personalization and A/B testing to help improve online lead generation. Element plans to continually improve and develop its online platform to support future company growth.

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