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Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Transforming Ireland's energy future

drop in mobile & desktop bounce rates
increase in grant application traffic

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is transforming how Ireland thinks about, generates and uses energy. We partnered with them to develop and roll out a three-year digital strategy. Our collaboration began with a renewed website and continues to develop across many areas of specialisation.


The SEAI website was outdated and failing both the organisation and its users. Our team of digital specialists employed deep research and analysis as the basis for a new communications platform. Since its launch, we have continued to develop the website in line with SEAI’s goals and their user needs.


we used design, content and technology to engage

Improving the experience

With SEAI’s broad audience and remit, our challenge was to organise information around key users and their tasks. We have brought SEAI’s content to life through fun, engaging visuals and content. While also improving the experience for energy professionals.

We wanted to expose users to a wide variety of content and formats throughout the website. This could be as simple as energy-saving tips or a tool to compare grant eligible electric vehicles. Our content strategy has driven continuous improvement throughout sometimes complex and technical information.

Tools to manage and plan

SEAI now communicate online through a visually appealing and user-centred platform. An easy to use content management system combined with governance and style guides gives the editorial team the tools they need to manage and plan. By continuing to enhance and develop the online offering, SEAI is able to position itself as Ireland’s leading authority on sustainable energy.

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