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Launching an inaugural B2C platform with an inaugural campaign

Meier Tobler is a building services company proudly committed to traditional Swiss values like reliability, knowledge, and foresight.

To successfully launch and promote the company’s new B2C platform and accompanying campaign, Meier Tobler relied on DEPT® Switzerland acted as a full-service agency.

From heating service to heating renewal

Meier Tobler is a building services company proudly committed to traditional Swiss values like reliability, knowledge, and foresight.
Given the increased demand from consumers for more cost-efficient heating systems and the emphasis on renewable energies in climate policy, Meier Tobler made the decision to launch a renovation market as a new B2C venture and promote it as an green alternative to more traditional maintenance options.

Digital marketing, lead generation, new website

The decision was made early on to reach Meier Tobler’s target audience online, through a campaign that linked to a web configurator designed to showcase new heating solutions tailored to each user’s unique situation.

To create a place where the configurator could live online, we helped Meier Tobler construct an all-new B2C platform with a campaign landing page, information on the topic, and service offerings.

In short, a site built from the bottom up to reflect the needs of homeowners and that positioned Meier Tobler as Switzerland’s leading partner for future-oriented heating systems.

Mobile-first & calls-to-action

Though bold statements, compact content blocks and a clear path to FAQs and customer service options, we created an effective mobile-first UX design that was easy to navigate.

Additionally, to ensure the design was fully optimized, we ensured that the platform served first and foremost as a quick service and sales tool, but also provided additional CTAs to help users find more detailed factual information.


In order to optimize the content of the new platform and its visibility for search engines from the start, we relied on both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). 

By identifying and using relevant keywords, the combination of the digital campaign, search engine advertising, and display ads worked quickly. In just over a month, using only 10% of the budget, we were able to achieve our target goal of users who discovered and completed their journey within the platform before contacting Meier Tobler.

In the first month, 100% of the target was achieved with 10% of the budget

Work in progress

The “Renew heating” campaign was launched in spring 2021, together with a minimal, functional-first version of the new B2C platform. 

Now, our work together continues with a new development cycle and further iterative steps. More in-depth content and interactive services will be implemented in stages to support Meier Tobler’s position as a competent consulting and maintenance specialist.

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