Ignite the joy of reading among kids

Embarking on a mission to increase excitement for reading among children in the Netherlands and Belgium, bol proudly presents the Bollebozen BoekieClub platform. Here, parents can download ebooks and audiobooks for only €0.01 and help their kids captivate the magic of storytelling.

To promote the platform and increase awareness for reading among the young audience, we launched an influencer project. Content was created in various formats including photos, videos, and stories, and were all about the many indispensable benefits of reading for young children.

Cultivating young readers

Reading is such an important and enjoyable activity for children. That’s why bol launched the Bollebozen BoekieClub, a platform where parents can access ebooks and audiobooks for only €0.01. Through this initiative, bol would like to contribute to creating equal opportunities for children. To achieve this mission, we needed to reach the parents and create compelling, activating content. Therefore, we leveraged the (creative) power of influencers. 

From one parent to another

By teaming up with relevant parenting influencers in the Netherlands and Belgium, we were able to tap into their extensive follower base consisting largely of other parents, establishing a credible presence within the right community. Influencers were tasked with creating engaging content about the invaluable benefits of reading for young children. This involved sharing unique reading tips and tricks during the National Reading Days, as well as putting the Bollebozen BoekieClub initiative — offering audio and ebooks for only €0.01 — in the spotlight during the Christmas holidays. 

Reading is the key to unlocking a child’s imagination and potential. Through this influencer project, we’re inspiring a new generation of young readers and empowering parents to engage and support their children’s literary journey

Marco Wallenburg, lead influencer marketing bij DEPT®

Bringing reading to life

We carefully composed a team of 13 influencers from the Netherlands and Belgium, boasting a collective social media following exceeding 1.5 million. Influencers such as Pauline Wingelaar, Shelly Sterk, De Huismuts and Stephanie Planckaert joined the campaign and wanted to advocate for this initiative. Each influencer was given access to the Bollebozen BoekieClub platform and asked to create engaging and relatable content, including Instagram photos, videos and stories, of their children reading the ebooks and listening to the audiobooks. Additionally, we provided the influencers with suggested reading lists and tips on encouraging children to read,emphasizing the numerous benefits of reading for young minds. This rich content was shared across their social media channels, using relevant hashtags to extend its reach. They also encouraged their followers to explore the Bollebozen BoekieClub platform, seizing the opportunity to access the ebooks and audiobooks for their children.

A story of success

The Bollebozen BoekieClub influencer campaign achieved remarkable success, generating over 8.5 million impressions on social media and driving a significant increase in traffic to the Bollebozen BoekieClub platform.

The relatable content created by the influencers played a pivotal role in the project’s triumph. Parents witnessed real-life examples of children enjoying the ebooks and audiobooks. Using their content on various highly relevant touchpoints, the BoekieClub influencer campaign emphasized the importance of reading among parents and teachers, and contributed to a heightened interest in  reading among kids. Bol successfully positioned itself as a brand that cares about family education and well-being, earning overwhelmingly positive sentiment through this impactful campaign. 


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