Changing travel perspectives around the world

As we embarked on an exhilarating journey together with SkyTeam, our mission was to connect with millennials and transform their travel perceptions. By collaborating with an adventurous travel ambassador, we harnessed the power of influencer marketing to create awareness for the ‘Round The World Ticket’ and drive traffic to the ‘Round The World Planner.’

Breaking perceptions

Global airline alliance SkyTeam wanted to captivate a millennial audience, generating awareness about their ‘Round The World Ticket’ and directing traffic to the ‘Round The World Planner.’ The challenge? Overcoming the common belief that a ‘Round The World’ ticket is costly and unattainable. Additionally, SkyTeam sought high-quality assets for their online presence and paid media, allowing it to take customers on a journey across digital platforms.

Following a relatable ambassador’s journey

We embarked on an adventure tailored for millennials, using SkyTeam’s ‘Round the World Ticket’ as our passport to change perceptions. Millennials often view this ticket as a pricey dream, so we set out to transform this notion by taking them on an exhilarating journey with our relatable travel ambassador, Eva Zu Beck. With over 1.5 million followers on her social media platforms, Eva is known for her wanderlust and thrives in lesser-known places where she learns from locals. On-brand for both brand and influencer, we sent her to unexpected cities to create snackable videos in “off-the-beaten-path” locations and highlight the hidden gems of the travel world using the ‘Round The World Planner’. We inspired the target audience, and unveiled the accessibility and flexibility of this ticket, making every dream destination a reality.

By engaging with the right influencer, SkyTeam’s Round The World Ticket campaign was able to reach a wide millennial audience and remind them that travel can be an accessible and exciting adventure. This project proved that collaboration between brand and influencer is key for creating meaningful and inspiring content

Marco Wallenburg, Lead Influencer Marketing Manager, DEPT®

Embark to engage

Eva’s global journeys spanned Armenia, Mexico, and South Korea, each location a canvas for her exclusive point of view. Her Instagram mini-documentaries revealed captivating activities and heartfelt connections facilitated by the ‘Round The World Ticket.’ In Armenia, Eva visited the village of Gomk, staying with a local family that runs a guesthouse, offering a rare glimpse into their life in this remote part of the world. Her Instagram Stories provided a sneak peek behind the scenes while highlighting the Round The World Ticket and Planner, using link stickers to link through to the planner. Eva’s YouTube channel featured exclusive footage, including in-depth conversations with locals and exciting activities. To further engage her audience, we hosted a giveaway contest on Eva’s Instagram channel, granting one fortunate follower the gift of two ‘Round The World Tickets.’ The result? Increased engagement and a surge in followers on SkyTeam’s social channels.

Collaborative content creation

To ensure our content aligned with our vision while allowing Eva the creative freedom she needed, we scheduled multiple video calls to include her in the early stages of the process. This collaborative approach allowed Eva to share her insights, provide valuable feedback, and offer her perspective on the destinations that ignited her passion. After all, she was the one embarking on these journeys and experiencing the activities firsthand, making her involvement crucial. We crafted a comprehensive briefing, encompassing essential brand guidelines and content specifications to ensure everything was in line with the expectations. Our quality control process involved thorough reviews by both DEPT® and the client to ensure the content remained on-brand and met all requirements.

Exceeding expectations through inspirational and attainable content

The outcomes of the SkyTeam influencer project were truly remarkable, exceeding all campaign metrics. With just one influencer, meticulously selected to serve as an aspirational yet relatable figure for our target audience, we achieved an impressive organic reach of nearly 3 million people. Moreover, we saw a significant increase in traffic to SkyTeam’s ‘Round The World Planner’ website, welcoming over 12,000 visits.

What’s even more astonishing is the creation of over 100 top-tier assets, tailor-made for SkyTeam’s various channels and advertising purposes. Our project’s content not only resonated with audiences but also spotlighted affordable and enticing destinations, proving that round-the-world travel is within reach. This helped change the perception of round-the-world travel, with countless millennials emphasizing the attainability of SkyTeam’s ‘Round The World Ticket.’

Overall, by partnering with an influencer and creating relatable content, SkyTeam successfully executed a campaign that struck a chord with millennials and increased awareness of the ‘Round The World Ticket.’


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Lead Influencer Marketing Manager

Marco Wallenburg

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