Helping a legacy manufacturer evolve into a service provider

The Swiss brand SIBIR has made a name for itself over the decades with kitchen and laundry appliances. 

We partnered with SIBIR to modernize the brand and communicate their new service offerings. Through a new visual identity and digital marketing strategies, efficiencies, leads, and site engagement increased.

Outdated website

The SIBIRGroup, headquartered in Spreitenbach, has been manufacturing high-quality products for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry since it was founded in 1945. They are particularly well known for their innovative refrigerators. What is less well known is that SIBIR has developed considerably since its beginnings and has evolved from a pure manufacturer to a service provider. However, their old website did not reflect these new services and was no longer up to date. DEPT® was brought on board to design, launch, and strategize digital marketing initiatives.

Creating a new foundation

The project began with a workshop with SIBIR in which digital objectives were defined. These served as the basis for all subsequent targeted digital marketing measures and lent themselves to a roadmap for success. The next step was implementation.

More service, better usability

Over the project’s life, we built a new digital home for SIBIR, characterized by a contemporary design with clean and reduced pages that do not overwhelm users with content. 

Simplified forms with useful assistance are now available, plus an advice section that helps customers learn more about products and services. It is also possible for customers to calculate quotes and register for services themselves. Practical for users and – in terms of lead generation – also for SIBIR. 

In line with our holistic approach, the website relaunch for SIBIR went hand in hand with comprehensive analytics and SEA measures and was closely supported by our SEO experts.


Bounce Rate


Time on Page

More active users

The new orientation of the visual appearance – focused on services and assistance – and the digital marketing measures are having an effect: visitors are now more active and stay longer on the SIBIR website, as seen from the improved dwell time and lower bounce rate.

Thanks to our collaboration with DEPT®, we are supporting SIBIR’s growth with a contemporary web presence and optimized support services.

Hans Fischer, CEO SIBIR

An SME that embraces digitalization

The redesign and relaunch of the website is an important step towards the future for SIBIR. The company has laid the foundation for further data-driven marketing with digital marketing – essential in the age of digitalization to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Philipp Griesser

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