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Empowering game developers to build web3-enabled games

With the introduction of Beam, Merit Circle aspires to create a complete blockchain ecosystem. Beam offers several tools, applications, and integrations that allow players and gamers to do more.

Building such technical ecosystems requires expert knowledge of design, web3 development, and the industry. So, DEPT® assisted Merit Circle in its work on Beam.

The key takeaways

Easy web3 integration for game developers

Redefining the gaming value chain

A game library and community hub

Players get full ownership

Confusing wallet experiences are a thing of the past

Current out-of-the-box solutions that developers utilize for their blockchain games are relatively easy to implement. However, they alienate many new users that don’t understand their way around wallets. 

One of the challenges was to create a tool that makes the integration easy for developers without the cost of the user experience for the players.

This tool simplifies the integration of wallet features into games. With the Beam SDK, game developers can integrate mechanics like smart wallets, which enable players to earn NFTs and tokens. This allows users to have an experience that is as simple as using a regular account but is enabled with blockchain.

With this, new developers that are new to web3 gain easy access to an enhanced gaming landscape without added complexity. This is big because it erases technical hurdles, allowing developers to focus on gameplay innovation while players enjoy a more prosperous, modernized experience. 

Integrating Sphere, the NFT marketplace

Web3-enabled games often utilize in-game assets, but to make these assets accessible and easily tradeable, you need a marketplace. 

However, marketplaces are time-consuming to build and require lots of maintenance. So, for the past year, we have been actively designing and developing Sphere, an NFT gaming marketplace. Instead of being product-focused, it offers an immersive experience to explore the games and gives creators the tools to curate their collections. 

We made sure Sphere connects and integrates with games, allowing in-game assets to be accessible for trading or selling, opening up a new way of generating revenue.

This can transform the very essence of specific games. With the capability to convert in-game items to NFTs, the narrative and mechanics of games can evolve. In-game achievements can gain real-world value, developing deeper player engagement and competitiveness.

The hub to discover all things gaming and Beam

In the web3 gaming landscape, it’s hard to find your way. There isn’t a single Steam-like application that brings you the world of web3 gaming. Instead, users have to go looking for them. There was a huge need to create a library of available games. 

Which is exactly what the Beam Hub is. It’s a platform that will curate games on the Beam ecosystem into a single, community-driven Hub. Users can get early access, exclusive rewards, and connect with other gamers within the community. 

An easy way to manage your in-game assets on mobile

The API for the Beam SDK is a huge step in improving the user experience for players. We took it a step further by helping develop a companion app. This will make it easy to manage owned digital assets spread across the library of games on Beam.

Gamers can install the app on both iOS and Android devices. They can add friends within the app, transfer assets to them, and assets to non-custodial wallets. The app will also be integrated with Beam Accounts to enable the smart wallet functionality from the Beam SDK.

To connect the companion app and a game, game developers utilize the Beam API. They generate a QR code containing the necessary information for creating this connection, and then users can scan it. Once the connection is made, the game will appear in their overview, where users can view and manage their assets. Game developers also have the option to create deeplinks into the app, which is particularly useful for mobile games, as it allows seamless integration on the same device where the game is being played.

Looking ahead

Beam’s recent launch will position Merit Circle as one of the leading forces driving blockchain-enabled games. 

The hope is to empower developers to build innovative games, paving the way for a healthy ecosystem of games and projects. With a handful of games available on the platform, we will continue to see its growth!


Business Development Manager, web3

Dominykas Maksimovas

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