Creating a 3D NFT walking HAPE

Many NFTs have come and gone, but HAPE PRIME has taken the digital fashion landscape to a whole new level with each avatar being fully 3D, dressed in attention-grabbing outfits and bringing, most importantly, some serious attitude. 

Find out how DOGSTUDIO/DEPT® took on the challenge set by Digimental, the founder and lead designer at HAPE, to elevate the HAPE’s digital presence. The solution? The HAPE WALK.

HapePrime Phone Home@2x

How HAPE leveraged WebGL micro-framework

To create the HAPE ecosystem, DOGSTUDIO/DEPT®  worked with an already existing design; a well known anthropoid in the metaverse sporting fashionable clothes and a strong personality. With this in mind, the team had to design and build a website to give the HAPEs motion within a fully immersive experience.

The team went beyond the classic content-focused pages presenting NFT projects, using a new custom OGL WebGL micro-framework. OGL, a WebGL library used by developers who prefer minimal layers of abstractions, was customised into a micro-framework with specific in-house modules. These modules included a homemade PBR rendering engine, skinning, post-process and animation player, bringing the HAPE family to life.

HapePrime Sketch2@2x
HapePrime Dev@2x

Web design inspired by high fashion

With a website design inspired by high fashion magazines, the team was able to perfect the HAPE strut; an immersive walk which users use to scroll through the page and control their experience through rotation and different zoom levels. Every HAPE has a different style, attitude and personality, all of which were chosen by the design and development teams using an extensive Graphic User Interface.

HapePrime RedWalk@2x

The immersive experience was completed with custom music in rhythm with the HAPE strut, the cursor and its click animation, the Hapewalk icon, and bold CTAs.

HapePrime Black def@2x


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CEO / CCO at Dogstudio

Henry Daubrez

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