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Tom Tailor

embodying a glimpse of the future


Tom Tailor doesn’t need an introduction as it is one of the biggest fashion companies in Europe. However, they were struggling to attract customers to their website. This is where Dept steps in, who together with Spryker worked to insource Tom Tailor’s webshop in less than six months. The results were a stronger online presence.

The Project

Tom Tailor, one of the biggest clothing companies in the casual wear segment worldwide, strived to insource their webshop. As they are focused on innovation, the German retail brand looked for a marketing firm with similar values that could work within a tight time frame. Dept and Spryker created a new webshop for Tom Tailor using creative methods whilst balancing a complex IT architecture.


a new online experience based on a high-performance solution

The why question

Tom Tailor’s previous webshop was outsourced, this means that implementing changes was difficult to do quickly and the process was costly. What they needed was a cost-efficient yet innovative way to insource their webshop. Spryker’s Commerce OS (SCOS) gave Tom Tailor the perfect opportunity to not only bundle all its retail but also its manufacturing operations into one.

The collaboration

Since there were many parties involved, the organisational aspect was the focus point. Dept was responsible for the implementation of the system relaunch through A/B testing which resulted in a new online experience based on a high-performance solution. Dept worked exclusively on the front-end and optimised the customer journey. Spryker, who was responsible for the project management, provided Tom Tailor with SCOS which lead to an increase of productivity and return on investment.

The Challenge

Though working with several teams in multiple countries can be quite very challenging from an organisational aspect, the agencies were able to conquer these challenges due to previous experience. Tom Tailor, Dept and Spryker are all creative companies who strive to keep ahead of the curve. This lead to the creation of a concept that focused on customer satisfaction and ease whilst shopping.

The Results

Tom Tailor received a new, fully designed website which matched their concept idea which they could also use for their Bonita shop. SCOS resulted in higher loading speed and ownership of technology (commerce requirements, data and new feature development). This strengthened Tom Tailor’s online website presence.

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