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Betty Bossi

Campaign Management with Content Marketing Tools


Betty Bossi, one of Switzerland’s top culinary brands, has been proudly representing this competence for 60 years. Being a market leader, Betty Bossi positions its items such as practical kitchen and household devices, as well as fresh convenience goods at Coop, the parent retail market chain via print and online media. Together with Dept, Betty Bossi has been focusing on, among other things, targeted content marketing since 2016.

tailored measurement tool

In order to ensure precise, integrated planning, and management of all the online activities, a tailored measurement tool for content marketing was developed and launched in 2017. It permits the measurement of traffic coming from almost any source according to various criteria. This not only makes it possible to verify hypotheses about content and SEO related topics but also to detect SEA potential and plan consecutive and transdisciplinary measures.

Betty Bossi has been focusing on targeted content marketing


Given Betty Bossi’s large market share, it gets more and more challenging to achieve additional growth. Throughout 2017, Betty Bossi was investing heavily in modernization of online marketing on all levels: technology (website relaunch), SEO, SEM campaign management, creative concepts, landing pages and more. While they create opportunities, such projects also come with certain threats. The various ongoing projects caused discussions about prioritisation and capacities. Some chances were taken too late and could not be fully explored. Measures which were not aligned across different channels could have led to the oversaturation of ads for part of the target audience, while the other section would not get enough coverage. Improved visibility does not automatically increase the turnover.

As a solution, Dept recommended developing a content marketing measurement system in order to centrally gather the maximum amount of data from online journeys and to use this data to explore potential opportunities and drive decision making.

Target Group

Betty Bossi is targeted at a very broad and diverse audience. After all, everyone needs to cook and eat. The tool is focused on the first two phases of the customer journey where visibility and interest are principal factors of success. Therefore, a new analysis tool was built to reflect key figures of those phases in great detail. This would unveil the parts that need optimisation based on objective criteria and a holistic view. Thanks to content marketing, Betty Bossi gained visibility and aroused greater interest in the first phases of the customer journey.



The Betty Bossi Team chose to realise the content and conversion strategy based on focused topics that permitted them to achieve the following advantages:

  • Quality improvement of the landing pages for campaigns (quality factor and bounce rate).
  • Better alignment between advertising claim and landing page.
  • More competitive CPC.
  • Use of editorial opportunities for more traffic via organic search (pull vs. push).
  • Expansion of the ‘leadership’ topic, more visibility regarding relevant topics.
  • Arranging new KPI’s based on content marketing activities.

A solid decision based on data analysis and testing was identified as crucial for the accomplishment of the strategy. The Dept analytics team was charged with the realisation of a proof of concept.

In close alignment with the client, relevant data and data sources were determined and drafts of the data illustration were created in workshops. The output was a tailored data-cockpit providing in-depth analysis for a custom period along the customer journey. Among other things, the analysis interface for this client included:

  • Topic-specific scorecards
  • Phase
  • Anchor topic
  • Most used word (based on a linguistic text analysis)
  • Section
  • Landing page

Data from the following platforms regularly stream into the content marketing measurement tool and are then processed for Betty Bossi:

  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Google+
  • Google Search Console
  • Pinterest
  • Searchmetrics
  • YouTube

Wherever possible, the data is pulled via an API-interface. However, manual work is needed when it comes to Pinterest and Searchmetrics. Customer specific criteria for the allocation of URLs to topics, sections and phases complement the external data which were partly generated automatically.

Next, the information is automatically processed and saved in an SQL-database. The final table comprises ca. 5 ml lines partly consisting of calculated values. This was the starting signal for big data analyses. Dept is able to connect to different front-end technologies which enables in-depth analysis of all aspects of the gathered data, while the simplified interface of Power BI illustrates the data for the management and occasional users in a more accessible way.


  • A basis for structural optimisation.
  • Optimization of landing pages.
  • Identification of older pages with strong traffic performance which need updating.