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A digital solution for engaging holidays


Synonymous with classic British family holidays, resort operator Butlin’s sought a digital solution to engage visitors before their break. The project needed to simultaneously provide an exciting, anticipatory experience for the customer and commercial opportunities for the brand. This is where Dept entered the game.

Enhancing customer experience using real time data

The digital holiday planner maximises the whole experience right from the first engagement and provides the user with a full and localised list of activities at the specific resort. Also, it enables to plan family dining in advance, choosing from an extensive menu, deals with yet more time-consuming details, and allows visitors to relax in the knowledge that it is all taken care of.


Making sure you leave for the holidays well-prepared

With the digital planner, we aimed to increase the engagement the customers have with the brand, opening up opportunities to offer additional chargeable upgrades and activities. To be operationally smarter, built-in analytics provide intelligence to the Resort Activity Managers about booking levels for all activities. This enables the business to plan activities with foresight, reducing the risks of frustrated guests and a negative experience due to lack of provision. But most importantly, by enhancing the customer experience, we strengthen brand loyalty.

The empathetic, considerate aspect of using digital planning to identify customers’ needs helps to ensure repeat business. At the same time, Butlin’s benefits from operational improvements – such as a reduction in the number of telephone enquiries the call centre receives – leading to time and cost efficiencies.

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