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interior designing both online and offline


The digitalisation of interior decorating always comes with many challenges. Hardeck was in need of a digital agency who excels in building a strong online presence. Therefore, Dept and Spryker collaborated to further the digitisation process of Hardeck’s webshop.

In 2017, Hardeck established an online product catalogue which received a new look and feel. In 2018, the online webshop was established and has continued growing ever since. Whereas Hardeck’s online platform operated more like a catalogue before, it is now a highly interactive shopping experience. Furthermore, the improvement of the performance has lead to dynamic pricing in the online shop and time-controlled sales campaigns.

The Collaboration

It is no secret that the market is changing rapidly, forcing brands to adjust and adapt at a quicker pace. This means that Hardeck must constantly improve their webshop to stay ahead of the curve and guarantee functionality. Dept and Spryker are, therefore, continuously working together to ensure Hardeck stays future proof.


The market is changing, Hardeck needed to become future proof

The project

Within this project, Dept was responsible for the concept creation and development of Hardeck’s e-commerce platform in addition to being liable for the design aspect as well. With the use of Spryker’s software philosophy, high flexibility and individual solutions, Dept built a new, more interactive version of the webshop for Hardeck which strengthened their online presence. Spryker leveraged supporting the individual solution approach which resulted in a flexible process of data integration – varying from inventory control systems to Product Information Management (PIM). Another focus point was speed since Dept has a performance-first mentality, the agency worked on the speed of the front-end development.

The Challenge

Hardeck choose a customisable e-commerce solution: Spryker’s Commerce OS. With Dept’s design and Sprykers’ product bundling configuration in Commerce OS, the customer can easily pick from different objects (e.g. couch) and make several combinations (e.g. extension of the couch). Though it is easy for the customer to mix and match, the true challenge lied in building such a system that allowed that. Building the article data structures for configurable bundle products was one of the main challenges within this project due to its need for functionality and complexity.


With the newly designed webshop and its functionality, Spryker and Dept brought the offline in-store personal, customised touch in for Hardeck’s online presence by providing customers with a wide scale of choices and guaranteeing a gradual purchase process.

Additionally, Spryker and Dept created a high-performing, scalable and sustainable B2C e-commerce platform, which seamlessly integrates the existing IT infrastructure and helps to advance and complete the new processes, needed for the execution of Hardeck’s online business.

By redesigning Hardeck’s webshop, Spryker and Dept transformed the in-store customisable experience into a digital opportunity.


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