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A campaign that is 100% social

Image is the leading webshop in the Netherlands for books, toys and electronics. When summer approaches, many Dutch people are planning their vacation to far-flung tropical regions. Because not everyone has the time or the financial means to relax on golden beaches, the company wanted to reach out to the unlucky few who weren’t heading on a vacation.

Reaching groups of friends via social

For this ‘Zorgeloos Zomeren’ campaign, Dept has collaborated with to create a little hideaway right here, in the Netherlands. The approach was based on the usage of social media by groups of friends, so we could reach multiple people on the platforms where they discuss vacation plans the most.


A summer getaway, also for the ones staying in the Netherlands

To activate groups of friends, we went to the one thing that every group has: a WhatsApp group. Through a Facebook video campaign we invited friends to invite to their group and play a little game with us. Every day we posted summer-tinted quiz questions, and the group with the most points won the key to the island. Within one hour we were invited to 60 groups (!), and with all content launched by this campaign we reached over 1 million people.

These people know everything about this project