Amplifying JBL’s brand presence on Amazon

JBL is an American audio electronics brand, best known for producing speakers and headphones. JBL entered the Amazon cosmos as a well-known brand with the goal of maintaining a consistent brand image not only on Amazon, but across its entire web presence and beyond. DEPT® took on the challenge of optimising a huge product portfolio in multiple marketplaces to increase brand awareness and product consideration while staying true to JBL’s beautifully cultivated brand identity.




Unique ASINs


Product categories

Consistent look and feel for an extensive product portfolio

The main goal was to create content that effectively and visually communicates the brand values of JBL’s extensive product portfolio. At the same time, it was important to develop a well-thought-out strategy to communicate the unique selling points of each product in JBL’s extensive portfolio, while creating a consistent look and feel and ensuring a fast production speed.

The content also needed to allow JBL to stand out from the competition with an easily recognisable, consistent look and feel.

A comprehensive design guideline

We took a comprehensive approach to comply with Amazon’s content regulations while staying true to JBL’s international branding, maintaining customer focus and increasing brand awareness and product consideration.
When working with such a large portfolio across multiple markets and categories, it can be very complicated to maintain a consistent brand image and also optimise content in a timely manner.

For JBL, we therefore developed a master layout/design guideline with a one-size-fits-all design concept that can be applied to any content type in any market.

In combination with our Amazon expertise and local knowledge, we were able to sustainably increase JBL’s performance while creating a strong international brand image. In combination with the content development, we implemented content monitoring to guarantee the maintenance of the optimised content.

Advertising & results

Strategy: To increase performance and branding, it is not only relevant to have meaningful and brand-appropriate content, which is of course the first step. This is followed by the relevant promotion of the products and directing potential consumers to the content.

The Amazon Advertising experts at DEPT® developed a holistic strategy to cover all of JBL’s defined goals (securing brand awareness and increasing sales). The entire sales funnel was covered across two channels – both via awareness campaigns using video ads, sponsored and Amazon DSP ads, including all inventory and placements such as Amazon placements (on-site), as well as via off-site, as well as placements relevant to the target group, such as on Twitch.

Additional banner ads (in the consideration phase) increased visibility by covering further placements online and at the same time increased traffic to the brand store, drawing attention to the entire JBL product range.

Additional banner ads (in the consideration phase) increased visibility by covering further placements online and at the same time increased traffic to the brand store, drawing attention to the entire JBL product range.

In order to minimise wastage and use the media budget efficiently, JBL’s target group was addressed via the Amazon DSP using audience data segments, and generic and brand keywords were used via the sponsored ads. Both the awareness and consideration campaigns serve to increase or maintain awareness and increase traffic to the product detail pages on Amazon. In this way, it can be ensured that the brand remains in the memory of potential consumers during their next purchase, so that it can then be used in their search for Sponsored Product Ads, as well as to fall into the retargeting pool of Amazon DSP segments for subsequent targeting and increased optimisation for sales.

The ads on both channels were monitored over the entire campaign timeline, regularly updated as an optimization measure where necessary and also analyzed as a management tool using various data approaches in reporting.

The results:

Sales increase of 11% compared to the previous year (2023 vs. 2022)
RoAS increase of 6% compared to the previous year (2023 vs. 2022)
2% increase in clicks compared to the previous year (2023 vs. 2022)
CTR increase of 10% compared to the previous year (2023 vs. 2022)

Efficient and creative content creation




Forms of content

(Premium) A+ Content

Brand Store

Brand building on Amazon: We worked with the designs provided by JBL to maintain a consistent brand image across all aforementioned forms of content.

Brand building across products: Our design concept ensured a consistent design across multiple different product types.

Brand building across marketplaces: By applying our concept to every marketplace, we built a globally recognised brand image, regardless of which country customers are shopping in.

Monitoring optimized content to ensure continued quality

The energy and resources used to create relevant, optimised content for JBL is only fully exploited when it is monitored. Due to the high possibility of content deviation on Amazon, our optimised content does not always remain as the version that is live.

We implemented content monitoring for the JBL portfolio in order to:

  • Notice the overwriting of already optimized content
  • Quickly detect and correct any changes
  • Monitor and adhere to changes in the Amazon guidelines
  • Keep the intended, optimized content live at all times

Brand presence and time saved

With the help of DEPT®, JBL has built a strong, uniformed brand presence across all products, categories and marketplaces. The content design concept and implementation has boosted scalability and will cut time in half for future product optimisation.


Head of Editorial

Katharina Lurz

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