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A look behind the scenes of 365 days of Honig

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Honig is one of the most famous food brands in the Netherlands and distributes a wide array of products, from meal packages to seasoning. But in order to translate their main message that with Honig people can prepare healthy, tasty and quick meals, they reached out to Dept. And there’s no better way to show the Dutch that Honig is the way to go, than with an influencer campaign focussed on eating with Honing products; every day, for one year. So, what’s the secret recipe for nailing a year worth of varied content, community management and reach? You’re about to find out.

The message

During October 2017, Kraft Heinz (parent company of Honig) reached out to Dept with a question: How can we activate the Netherlands in 2018, where table moments are either rare or a challenge? The main message: Honig helps Dutch families to create quick, tasty, healthy and varied meals, allowing them to focus on what’s most important: family time at the table.


More to the story than just packages and sauces

The rules

A rough idea of 365 Days Of Honig was already in the minds of the Honig Marketing Team, but it was up to Dept to make it happen. Creative Director Ana Mendez and Creative Joe Jordan, took on the challenge and a plan was made that included a few key ‘rules.’

  • The selected family should be one people can relate to
  • We need to show as many delicious meals and family moments as possible
  • Content needs to look appealing, appetising and fun.
  • The campaign must last for a full year!
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The how

The first step was reaching out to the Jongedijk family, aka @TheSuburbanDad and @TheSuburbanMom on Instagram. Influencer parents with a large reach, beautiful content and engaging stories about their daily family struggles. The question posed to them was simple but a challenging one: Are you willing to eat, film, and share your experience with Honig for a full year?

The campaign was launched on January 1st, supported by a television commercial on Dutch channels such as RTL4. The campaign started as an online reality show, playing out on the Honig Facebook page, with weekly returning formats like ‘What’s on the Menu’ on Monday, ‘Mexican Wednesday’ and ‘The Weekly Wrap’ (food pun intended). The media used was optimised by Starcom.

The challenge

The great view-through rates in the first months were promising thus the campaign seemed to be a success. However, after the first quarter of 365 Days Of Honig, views of the reality show were declining, along with the enthusiasm of both the family and creative teams. That meant that it was time for a change.

With the goal of encouraging family moments at the table still in mind; Dept had a good look at not only the results but also the family’s strength; Instagram! In May 2018, the middle of Q2, the family took full control of the Honig Instagram Page (at that time, a small channel with less than 100 followers). The Jongedijk family started producing delicious Insta friendly recipe shots, funny Instagram Stories, how-to recipe videos and cute relatable ‘family time’ content. People not only started to follow the Instagram page (with now over 1800 followers), but they started commenting and asking questions about the recipes and family-focused posts. This generated significant growth regarding engagement.

To date, the Jongedijk family still delivers at least six beautiful pieces of content on a weekly basis. Pancake-pie, amazing vegetarian recipes, an emptied Pineapple filled with Chicken and Rice. One could say there is more to the story than just “packages and sauces”.

The results

It was both a challenging and successful campaign with over 200 different recipes created, 80 Instagram posts and 84 Facebook videos. The involved partners, the family, the Honig clients, the Dept team and the media partner are still busy making even better and more engaging.


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