Product design services

DEPT®/Digital Products helps you design and build the right product (for the right context).

Inspire your users and align your team through innovative, validated, human-centered product design.

Our team of product designers has spent years designing delightful and usable products. Whether you need a new UI or a redesign on an existing product, DEPT® validates product decisions and tests designs with real users. Because your product should not just be stunning. It should also be effortless to use.

Your product interface is how your audience interacts with your technology. It has the power to attract users, encourage conversions, and re-engage subscribers.

We believe understanding your user is essential to the success of any design effort. Our human-centric approach means that we design for your users, collect their feedback, and iterate until we arrive at impactful designs.

Typical product design challenges

Making concepts real – Do you have a pile of great ideas your company has been sitting on? Do you need to make those concepts real to get stakeholder buy-in? We help you articulate your ideas for feedback and further investment. 

Aligning your team – Is your team fully aligned around a single product vision? We can integrate with your team to create a dynamic, complementary group. 

Optimizing flows and conversion – Is your current product optimized around its primary user flows? We can help improve conversion and maximize the ROI of your existing product before trying new ideas. 

Increasing product adoption – Do you know how people find, onboard, and share your product? As marketing experts, we can create a user acquisition strategy. 

Beautiful, elegant user experiences – Does your team have the skill set to design experiences that customers love? We use best practices, innovative approaches, and timeless aesthetics to create unique experiences. 

Product design and development services

Design sprints – We have been doing design sprints for a decade and are experts at making your vision concrete, aligning your team, and creating an elegant artifact to share, validate, and build momentum (and excitement!) for your project. 

UX design – Functionality is key to building a memorable experience. Our team can document your product’s flow and organization, simplifying top tasks and essential flows.

UI design – We design elegant interfaces that are clear, simple, and beautiful as well as (most importantly) usable! 

Product prototyping – If a screenshot is worth 100 words, prototypes are worth 10,000. We build prototypes to make your ideas shareable, testable, and more valuable.

Usability testing – We always test your product to ensure your core users become your biggest fans.

Why work with us

Our digital product team designs and creates experiences and products that put the user first. As a full-service agency, we specialize in the entire product design and development lifecycle. 

Using a range of platforms and technologies, designs always follow the most stringent branding guideline. Early in the design process, we build prototypes illustrating the structure and flow of apps, and as a project progresses, we increase the fidelity toward the final screen design. We simplify at the same time that we add useful features, which we believe is the trick of good product design!

If you have an existing web or mobile app that is underperforming or needs a UI refresh, we can redesign it. We’ll work with you to audit your current applications and any relevant competitors and redesign them without throwing out what is working. To compete in today’s digital world, you need an application that is beautiful, easy to use, and truly works for your business.

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