Architecture sprints

Architecture sprints are short, comprehensive working sprints with DEPT® to assess where you’re at and how to move forward. They are 1-6 weeks long and include discovery, goal definition, technical assessment, and a tactical path forward.

Architecture sprints are designed to

– Make unknowns known
– Solidify an overall system layout
– Shape technical choices
– Identify & appraise external integrations
– Define roles, responsibilities, & process
– Establish an idea of effort, cost, & phasing
– Get you building efficiently

architecture sprints

Each architecture sprint is unique

Over the course of the engagement, we’ll help guide involved parties in structured conversations and exercises to uncover every single aspect of what it will take to make the product successful. Everyone’s voice plays an important role in the overall process.

Since we’re all in this together, we’ll need some help and participation from your team. We don’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach, but the process typically looks like this.

01 Establish – We quickly get up to speed to understand your organization’s business model as well your product’s priorities, pain-points, and overall roadmap.

02 – Assess – We evaluate your entire technical ecosystem (data models, codebases, and infrastructure) with an eye for security, performance and best practices while working to understand your cadence, process, and responsibilities.

03 – Synthesize – We share our learnings and recommendations, which will help us work together to scope, strategize, and develop an actionable plan to execute upon.

The deliverables are iterative. The outcome is a clear solution.

Curious about what a sprint looks like? Download an example architecture sprint from DEPT®.

search and discover

Technical discovery

Are things just getting started?

Whether you know the destination or are still trying to find the general direction, our experienced strategists and architects can help you shape the approach and technical foundation to carry out a successful execution.

architecture concept

Technical audit

Could things be running better?

Growing pains are a natural aspect of product development and technical assessments are a great way to identify areas of improvement. Whether it’s code, infrastructure, or general workflow practices, we love working with teams to get things running smoothly.

Consider us part of your team

Many outside consulting engagements result in an ineffective and overly-dictated one-size-fits-all approach to architecture. Then they end, leaving behind an unfit solution to an existing team that struggles with the approach.

It’s not viable to design and plan everything up front. Technology never works this way.

We learn together
The only way this can work is if all parties work together. This is your product — so consider us part of your team.

We plan together
There’s no predefined “silver bullet,” so we never try to design or plan everything up front. This is an iterative process. We learn as much as it takes to get going, then set you up to start.

We succeed together
We’ll bridge the gap between your team’s experience and ours. We work within the technologies and skillset you already have.

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