Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services cloud platform offers over 200 services from data centres all over the globe. As a leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant in terms of cloud infrastructure and platform services, AWS helps organisations with their journey to the cloud. 


Years of experience




Experienced Depsters

Enhance your cloud journey with Amazon Web Services

Our expertise with AWS is based on years of experience and certifications. In fact,  we have done the most complex implementations and migrations for our biggest clients using AWS. 
Our partnership with AWS helps us provide services like well-architected reviews and professional support.


AWS Well Architected Framework

At DEPT®, we use the AWS Well-Architected framework specifically for architectural designs and making the right decisions. In general it helps our cloud professionals follow best practices in terms of designing a proper cloud solution, which ultimately benefits our clients.

AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is an automatic scalable service for handling traffic during peak moments and serving content anywhere in the world.
We use it for running containers in a managed service setup. This allows us to focus on important things rather than managing an underlying infrastructure.

AWS Relational Database Service (AWS RDS)

The AWS Relational Database Service gives us the freedom to use different database engines like MySQL, MSSQL, Aurora etc., and in doing so, choose the best-fitting engine for our client’s solution.


Our approach

AWS Partnership

Our relation with AWS as a client goes back years. Recently we invested in a ‘select tier’ partnership so we can offer comprehensive support to our clients. Currently we are working on upgrading our partnership to the ‘advanced tier’. After all, at DEPT® we believe in the power of strong relationships.
AWS has now also provided a dedicated enterprise account and partner manager to strengthen our partnership. 
These developments allow us to deliver the best work for our clients.  

Experienced on AWS implementations

DEPT® has years of experience with cloud implementations on AWS. With our 4-step-approach (design, build, move, run) we are able to use a strategy that fits any implementation on AWS. Based on the principles of the Well-Architected Framework, we start with defining and designing the cloud architecture. Once this has been approved and acknowledged, we start building the cloud infrastructure, completely automated and through infrastructure-as-code. When applicable, we use migration tools to move data from on-premises or other cloud environments to AWS.

AWS Consultancy & Optimisations

Among other things, our Cloud Architects are trained to provide consultancy on AWS environments, writing guidelines and cloud readiness. 
Our DevOps and SRE engineers are specialised in performing optimisations on AWS environments – think of security, performance, cost management and overall health. Our sustainability pillar is extremely important for us as a B Corp-certified company.

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