Tom Tailor

From an external e-commerce model to an in-house platform

The Tom Tailor Group’s declared aim was to get their outsourced shop back into their own hands and create their own platform. DEPT® was chosen to implement this project back into an in-house platform. The aim was not only to create as much flexibility as possible for Tom Tailor and Bonito shops, but also to ensure they‘re competitive. Our joint starting point was to draw up a complete strategy.

A new system architecture for a traditional company

How did we do this? Getting all the e-commerce activities back in-house required not only the UX/AD part but also a new IT architecture as well. That’s why we provided a complete front-end team and back-end development to implement system-critical components such as the interface with Novomind i-PIM and emarsys. And, above all, we focussed on the crucial development of a new system architecture, which was adapted and optimised multiple times.

More conversion through targeted addressing and content


We laid the focus on targeted addressing and content. So, fashion content as it should be: emotional and gender-specific, addressed to particular target groups. From newsletters to detailed pages. User-centred strategies were developed and implemented using all the available shop data as a basis, and taking personas into account. We adapted and optimised the customer experience, and confirmed it through WebArts A/B testing. The navigation we redesigned in this way, with different gender entries, has already allowed us to achieve a significant conversion uplift. The final result? An increased revenue per visitor of 3.08% and an increased CR of 2.43%!


Director Web3 & Partner

Jan Gutkuhn

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