A modern e-commerce store sets the standard in vaporizer tech 

PuffCo build your own commerce experience

Puffco is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, specializing in high-tech vaporizers and tools.

DEPT® partnered with their commerce team for a total online revamp, focusing on a seamless shopping experience and comprehensive online transformation.

Puffco web design and development

Rethinking Puffco’s digital landscape for seamless engagement

Recognized as a pioneering force in the cannabis industry, Puffco needed a digital overhaul. Their objectives were clear: rejuvenate their online platform to tackle the intricacies of modern e-commerce. 

We worked closely with their team to map out high-impact projects, which included a site redesign, updated UX, SEO improvements, and a new brand presentation. 

We adopted a comprehensive approach to solving Puffco’s challenges, involving research, design, SEO best practices, and custom Shopify Plus development. This led to a search-optimized site, improved user pathways, and dynamic marketing landing pages.

Crafting a tailored cross-device browsing experience

We began by overhauling the website’s architecture to resolve navigational issues and enhance e-commerce capabilities for a seamless shopping experience. We then performed robust user experience research and analysis, which provided a strategy for their website’s UX/UI. 

Our strategy encompassed responsive web design and development, with every element meticulously designed to align with Puffco’s brand identity. For example, we elevated their products by using ample whitespace, which let their great photography and videography do all the talking.

We then created a custom Shopify 2.0 theme that made content updates a breeze, thanks to our switch to Metafields and Metaobjects.

PuffCo e-commerce uxui

Build your own vaporizer 

One of the most significant features we created for Puffco was a BYO (build your own) functionality. This sleek feature lets users customize their hash vaporizers and add accompanying upsells. During the customization experience, the user can visually see the base of the vaporizer that they choose, along with color and style choices. Steps four and five featured complementary products. At the end, users are prompted with a quick add-all-to-cart button.

Since launching BYO, it has successfully driven a higher average order value via upsell.

Puffco web design

A foundation for future flexibility

This project has positioned Puffco for continued success in the cannabis industry with a streamlined e-commerce experience, a distinctive brand identity, and impressive revenue growth.

This new store had a measurable impact on user engagement and sales, particularly bounce rates. The personalized shopping journeys boost conversions and educate users on what’s possible – creating informed, loyal customers who come back to Puffco again and again. 

Experience the e-commerce store 

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