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Optimizely DXP drives 370% ROI

Terence de Waard
Terence de Waard
Global Partnership Marketing Lead
4 min read
20 December 2022

Technology is the cornerstone of delivering impactful digital experiences. But technology can be costly, so return on investment (ROI) is a key driver for CTOs assessing what solutions are best for their business. And according to a new study, ROI is exactly what Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) customers can expect. Based on recent analysis by Forrester, customers can achieve a 370% ROI within three years after implementing its tech, as well as their investment paid back within 8 months. 

To inform Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, Optimizely customers were interviewed to gain a better understanding of the benefits, costs and risks associated with the investment. And the results are incredibly positive. Here’s a snapshot. 

75% time savings for developers and marketers 

According to the study, within three years of implementation, Optimizely’s DXP customers can expect a 60% boost to conversion rate and a 10% increase in average order size thanks to its better performance and experimentation. 

When it comes to improving efficiency, customers reported two hours’ time savings per experiment, allowing them to increase their total number of experiments from 300 to 500 over three years; and they saw 75% time savings for developers and marketers on deploying, updating and organising content. 

And those kinds of time savings have a positive impact on the bottom line, resulting in a cost saving benefit of $524.8k over the three year period. Developer time saving alone (which would typically be spent maintaining external web integrations) equates to a $1.1million, in addition to $2.2million saved in avoided licence costs of prior solutions. 

Finally, interviewees stated that Optimizely’s experimentation, CMS, commerce and integration functionality contributed towards a better web performance overall, resulting in $8.5 million in improved revenue. 

The background

Prior to the implementation of Optimizely’s DXP, the organisations interviewed were all working with legacy systems and tools that were unable to meet business needs, as well as a high-level of manual effort required for basic functionality. Combined, these issues contributed to a difficulty in retaining customers, which was ultimately impacting revenue growth.

Whether you’re looking to deploy, update and organise content all in one place or fully track experiments, a DXP can help solve the many challenges organisations face. A DXP is a set of technologies that are tied together. Whilst content management plays a big part, it also covers data analytics, search, optimisation, marketing automation and e-commerce. Essentially, Optimizely DXP is a fully-composable solution that allows the orchestration, monetisation and experimentation of any digital experience.
By implementing a DXP and uniting all customer touchpoints through one system, organisations can create seamless customer experiences while driving efficiencies. 

DEPT® x Optimizely

DEPT® is a proud Optimizely partner. Last year, we outlined our ambition to become a leading global Optimizely partner by investing in our teams and platform innovation to deliver pioneering solutions for joint clients. 

And, thanks to our shared mindset round continual experimentation and innovation, we have elevated our partnership to close 2022 as not only a Platinum partner in Europe, but as one of three global Enterprise Solution Partners; in addition to being in the top 6% of partners invited to join Optimizely’s Partner Advisory Board. 

We’re proud to bring Optimizely’s product vision to life through the application of its technology to deliver world-class solutions for a series of world-renowned clients.  

Get in touch with our experts to find out how we can help you reap the benefits of implementing a DXP like Optimizely. 

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Global Partnership Marketing Lead

Terence de Waard