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Our team of e-commerce experts can help you implement Akeneo’s product information management system and realize value from day one. 

User-friendly, secure, and feature-rich

Akeneo is a global leader in product information management (PIM), featuring a modern interface that lets teams quickly understand, navigate, and work with the product. 

Akeneo offers a range of features that allow teams to manage product information with improved accuracy and efficiency. One of the most notable features of Akeneo is its ability to manage product data in multiple languages and currencies, a crucial feature for global businesses using localisations. 

This PIM makes it incredibly easy to manage product images, videos, and other digital assets, allowing teams to quickly and accurately update their product information. 

In addition to its user-friendly design and feature-rich offerings, Akeneo is also secure. It offers a range of security protocols to protect customer data and product information from unauthorized access. These features include data encryption, role-based access, and audit logs. 

Why leverage Akeneo with DEPT®

As a global digital agency, we are specialized in building enterprise e-commerce solutions. We understand the complexities of Akeneo and can provide the necessary support, training, and guidance to ensure a successful launch and ongoing management of the platform. 

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of e-commerce, digital marketing, and Akeneo. We help e-commerce brands succeed with Akeneo and other best-of-breed platforms which are proven by our range of successful implementations.

From e-commerce design and development to online marketing and campaigns, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that help e-commerce brands manage their product inventory. Additionally, we are experienced across the entire e-commerce ecosystem and can provide valuable insights into customer journeys, helping you create a better product strategy. 

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