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Top takeaways from the Salesforce summer ’23 release

Ymar Frenken
Ymar Frenken
Lead Salesforce CRM Consultant
4 min read
12 June 2023

The Summer ’23 release of Salesforce brings exciting new features to improve your user experience and streamline workflows further. Let’s delve deeper into some of the most noteworthy features, from optimized actions to enhanced dashboard visualizations, to see how you can leverage these new tools.

Mass quick actions on related lists (Beta)

One impressive new feature is the ability to improve related lists with optimized actions and includes quick actions directly on here. With these optimizations, you can effortlessly create related records without navigating away from the page and perform bulk updates for up to 100 records at once. 

Use cases for this feature include:

  • Updating records: Sales reps can save time and reduce manual effort by updating the status and assigning owners to multiple opportunities or cases simultaneously. 
  • Logging activities or tasks in bulk: Support agents can ensure consistent tracking by logging follow-up calls or creating tasks for a group of cases, eliminating the need for repetitive manual data entry. 
  • Custom use cases: Admins can create custom actions to initiate workflows, trigger external integrations, or perform other automated tasks on multiple records within a related list.

Reactive screen flows (Beta)

Reactive screen flows will be a game-changer for developers and administrators, allowing them to design screens that respond to user actions in real time. This provides an intuitive and streamlined user experience because the screen can be dynamically adapted based on user input or backend system changes. 

As a result, you can present users with the most relevant information and options.

Dynamic forms

Dynamic for mobile (Beta)

With the introduction of Dynamic Forms for mobile, you can create user-centric and intuitive page layouts on mobile devices that display the correct information at the right moment. This feature allows field and field sections to be displayed or hidden dynamically based on predefined criteria. This benefits the user experience, as they only see relevant fields and sections. 

Align the field horizontally in field sections

A new Dynamic Forms Field Section feature allows for easy control of field alignment across columns. This feature prevents fields within multicolumn Field Sections from collapsing upward when there’s a gap due to differences in field heights. As a result, you can now choose whether fields will align on the same row creating a visually cohesive layout, like the example below. 

Dynamic forms before
dynamic forms after

Reports & dashboards

Elevate your dashboard’s visual outlook by integrating company logos, brand elements, flow diagrams, and embedded images. Users can use section titles, descriptive narrative text, and animated GIFs to navigate their data. 

In the Unlimited Edition, components are now referred to as widgets, and this update substantially increases the capacity. Now, you can support up to 25 widgets, encompassing a maximum of 20 characters and tables, two images, and 25 rich text widgets. This transformation allows for comprehensive and dynamic dashboards, enabling you to present data more visually.

Next steps

Last month, Salesforce upgraded your instance. The first release weekend started May 19, when a few customers were upgraded, but the last release weekend was June 9. 
Now is the time to take advantage of the new features of the ’23 Summer Release. If you need support with implementing Salesforce solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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